You’ll Adore These Summer Sale Gems

Gemondo Jewellery Sale

The Gemondo Summer Sale has landed with up to 40% off fabulous fine jewellery with a selection of colourful gemstones. To greet the launch we have put together a rundown of our favourite sale jewellery pieces with beautiful designs and great value prices.

Best of Sale Gold Jewellery

There are more than a few floral pieces that have caught the eye of our office magpies. These 9ct yellow and white gold jewels mix textures and motifs of nature with diamonds.

Gold flower diamond jewellery set

Gold flower diamond necklace

9ct Yellow & white gold diamond flower necklet.
Was £189. Now only £123Shop Now

Gold diamond flower stud earrings

9ct yellow & white gold diamond flower stud earrings.
Was £125. Now only £81Shop Now

Gold flower diamond ring

9ct yellow & white gold diamond flower ring.
Was £139. Now only £90Shop Now

These butterflies will sit on the hands of their wearer and glisten in the summer sun. With blue topaz, diamonds and peridot gems within their wings these butterflies make a whimsical stack when layered in a garden of golden flowers.

Nature inspired stack rings

White gold topaz butterfly ring

9ct white gold blue topaz butterfly ring.
Was £99. Now only £64Shop Now

Gold peridot butterfly ring

9ct yellow gold peridot butterfly ring.
Was £115. Now only £75Shop Now

White gold diamond flower ring

9ct white gold diamond flower ring.
Was £115. Now only £75Shop Now

Gold flower peridot stack ring

9ct yellow gold peridot flower ring.
Was £85. Now only £55Shop Now

Best of Sale Sterling Silver Jewellery

Whether you’re a ‘bigger is better’ or ‘less is more’ kind of person, sterling silver rings will always be a fashionable choice. These statement sterling silver rings fit the former and feature big gems lined along their setting with metallic marcasite gems.

Sterling silver statement rings

Sterling silver hematite and marcasite ring

Sterling silver hematite & marcasite statement ring.
Was £55. Now only £33Shop Now

Sterling silver lavender jade ring

Sterling silver lavender jade & marcasite statement ring.
Was £59. Now only £35Shop Now

Sterling silver hexagon jewellery

If you’re in team ‘less is more’ then these minimalist, geometric jewellery pieces from Gemondo’s hexagon collection may just be the right fit for you. With sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver designs, choose a metal colour way that works for you.

Mother of pearl hexagon ring

Gold plated sterling silver mother of pearl hexagon ring.
Was £35. Now only £23Shop Now

Black onyx hexagon necklace

Sterling silver black onyx hexagon necklace.
Was £55. Now only £36Shop Now

Mother of pearl hexagon earrings

Gold plated sterling silver mother of pearl hexagon drop earrings.
Was £35. Now only £23Shop Now

We hope you liked our top picks from the Gemondo Summer Sale. You can also find more rings, earrings, necklaces and more with stunning gemstones with up to 40%
off. Shop all Gemondo Summer Sale jewellery items here.

What Shines a Subtle Blue & Stops People Talking About You?

Aquamarine illustration

It is this month’s birthstone, the beloved aquamarine.

According to legend, this beautiful gem protects those who wear it from gossip.

We think this is especially good news for celebrities who claim aquamarine as their birthstone. They include Lady Gaga, Daniel Craig, Chris Martin, Elton John, Jessica Biel, and Justin Bieber.

Now for a true-blue fact about this March birthstone:
A gem-quality aquamarine stone weighing 110 Kg, that is more that 17st, was discovered in Brazil in 1910. It weighed more than any of the miners who struggled to unearth it. This once-in-a-lifetime find was cut into 100,000 carats worth of glittering gems.

Faceted aquamarine gemstones

Do we know any juicy stories about the lucky ones who got to wear that wonderful jewellery? Well, as it turns out, we don’t. And it’s no wonder.
Because, as the legend says, aquamarine protects those who wear it from gossip.

Milky aquamarine

See Gemondo’s range of aquamarine jewellery.

How to Find Their Ring Size (Without Them Knowing!)

Diamond rings

As Valentine’s Day approaches people all across the country prepare to pop the big question to their beloved, making promises that can change lives forever. Also, many happy couples may look to give important anniversary gifts and romantic tokens of love to remind one another of the love that is shared. Popular jewellery pieces for such occasions are, of course, rings. Symbols of eternity in their shape and strength in their precious materials, engagement rings and eternity rings make beautiful gifts that are sure to make them smile.

One of the main issues with giving rings as gifts is to know which size to buy. It would be nice to get this right first time and avoid the delay in showing off new jewellery. Unfortunately there aren’t many indicators of ring size without directly measuring their fingers. When it comes to rings that are supposed to be a surprise gift, this can become an enigma. With a few creative tips let us help you to discover the right ring size (without them clocking on!)

engagement precious gemstone rings

• We wouldn’t normally condone theft, but ‘borrowing’ a ring from their jewellery collection can be one of the most precise ways to figure out ring size. It pays to be attentive. Make sure whichever ring you pick is one that they would normally wear on the finger your new ring is intended for. Otherwise use one they would normally wear on the middle finger and go down one or two sizes.

• If you think their ‘borrowed’ ring will be missed, use it as a template and stencil the inside on a piece of paper and then return it. You can also measure the circumference of a ring by using a piece of string. This can be cut to size and then used for comparison. These measurements can then be given to your jeweller or measured against a size guide.

• Download an online ring sizer. Print off the document and compare the ring or string etc. against the chart. If you know which jeweller you would like to buy from, try using ring charts and size guides provided to ensure a more accurate fit. Each UK ring size measurement will match a letter of the alphabet. You can download the Gemondo online ring sizer here, it looks like this:

Gemondo free ring sizer

• If you know your ring size, put one of their rings on your finger. You can gauge the size you might need by comparing to your own ring size. Will it need to be larger or smaller and how drastic is the difference?

• Ask their friends and family, they are an invaluable source of recommendations. They may share a similar ring size with a friend or have even hinted about rings in conversation. Otherwise friends and family may not mind being complicit and sneakily asking on your behalf in a subtle way only they know how.

• Find receipts and guarantees or contact jewellers you have previously purchased from. They may hold clues to the sizes you require or at least be able to offer advice if they know your order history.

eternity rings

Bear in mind that rings may need amendments over time. Temperature, amongst other things, can affect the size of a finger. We wouldn’t normally recommend more than three sizes up or down to preserve quality and strength. Gemondo offers ring resizing on selected lines for only £5.00 or special orders of sizes can be made so it is always worth an enquiry if you are unsure of your choice.

When you order with Gemondo, we’ll include one of our own ring sizers in your parcel. If you happen to have ordered the wrong size, simply return to us and let us know which size you would prefer. You can also request one from us without having to place an order.

Good luck on your search and we hope they say YES!

January Jewel Refresh

The first week of the new year always seems a little dispiriting as 2016’s hangover sets in. Is your body still suffering Christmas holiday withdrawal? As many look to the gym and healthy diets to replenish, we’re far more interested finding solace in the little trinkets that make us smile. We like to greet the new year with refreshed jewels to invigorate fingers, necks and wrists that are have weathered the storm of another bygone year.

Pantone selected ‘greenery’ as its colour for 2017, aptly named for its association with freshness, rebirth and nature. We have collected a few Gemondo jewellery designs below to vitalise your 2017 jewellery game with green gemstones to compliment the colour of the year.


A popular choice in a precious gemstone, emerald is symbolic of rebirth, rejuvenation and nature. These modernistic sterling silver emerald jewellery designs feature bead textured settings that orbit and loop their focal green emeralds.

Emerald jewellery

1. Sterling silver loop emerald drop earrings, £35
2. Sterling silver emerald double loop ring, £45


Peridot is a gemstone that stays true to its roots. It is available in many different hues, from bottle green to forest green and lime green, but only ever green. Matched with complimentary yellow gold, peridot is the verdant star of the show.

Peridot jewellery

3. 9ct yellow gold peridot trillion pendant, £55
4. 9ct yellow gold peridot pear cut stud earrings, £59


Jade is both the name of this semi-precious gemstone and also its familiar and indulgently creamy green colour. Jade’s properties mean it is perfect for carving and fashioning smooth cabochon stones and ornamental pieces. These Gemondo jade jewellery items feature ample decoration to set off the gemstone as the centre of attention with high esteem.

Jade jewellery

5. Sterling silver green jade & marcasite Art Nouveau inspired ring, £29
6. Gold plated sterling silver jade & peridot drop earrings, £49

Hopefully these jewels have got you thinking green and looking forward to a fresh 2017. Happy new year!

Christmas Jewellery Gifts They’ll Adore

Still shopping for those all important Christmas gifts? There’s only ten days left until Santa arrives and we almost can’t believe it! To help reduce the stress this year we have put together a few of our gift ideas she’ll love, whatever her style and also to suit your budget.

Stack ring stocking fillers from £19

Our new sterling silver stack rings feature real birthstones to mark important and sentimental dates. For example, a stack can be built with birthstones that symbolise birthdays of your loved ones, children’s birth dates, your favourite colours and more. These make great gifts that show a bit of personality and are perfect for stocking fillers as they start from just £19.

Stack rings

Gemstone studs in their favourite colours

The beauty of gemstone jewellery is the diverse range of colours, textures and opacity in precious and semi-precious stones. When matched in simple stud earrings, gemstones can be perfectly matched to the wearer. Whether it be a birthstone, a favourite colour or something new and different to add to an existing collection, these colourful and diverse stud earrings combine a staple jewellery piece with vibrant and personal materials. Simple stud earrings are also a great gift option to match another piece of existing and much-loved jewellery.

Stud earrings

If in doubt, diamonds

This ultimate in gemstones will never disappoint. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, just wait and see when she unwraps one of these glistening pieces on Christmas Day.

diamond jewellery

Something different for the trend setters

Many of our new designs feature gemstones we have never had before at Gemondo. For those jewellery collectors and magpies that seem to have it all, why not give the gift of soft pink morganite or lesser known rhodolite garnet?

Morganite jewellery

Or if they prefer modern design and interesting detail, these sterling silver pieces feature precious ruby and emerald in contemporary styles at an affordable price range.

Sterling silver emerald rings

Did you treat someone you love to a piece of Gemondo jewellery? Or maybe you’re hoping Santa will deliver something precious from Gemondo this year? If the answer is yes please let us know in the comments, we’d love to see you’re Christmas jewels!

Black Friday Jewellery Promotion

Black Friday at Gemondo

The infamous Black Friday is once again the talk of the high street and what kind of online jeweller would we be if we didn’t bring our lovely customers something sweet this year? At the moment we are offering 30% off all full price jewellery items at Gemondo. Unfortunately that doesn’t include Winter Jewellery Sale items (but these are already up to 50% off – don’t say we don’t treat you!). Scroll down for some Black Friday inspiration and maybe find something to dazzle them this Christmas.

Purse-friendly sterling silver

With hand-set marcasite and colourful birthstones, Gemondo’s sterling silver is anything but everyday. Our diverse designs range from Art Deco inspired to contemporary geometric styles all featuring focal gemstones. Let’s just say we like to be prepared and have something for everyone…

Sterling silver marcasite hoop earrings

These oversized hoops are lined both inside and out with marcasite stones that sparkle as they move. Just perfect for that office party disco.

Sterling silver tanzanite ring

Tanzanite is one of the birthstones for December and also one of the world’s youngest gemstones. This dainty tanzanite ring has a wintery feel don’t you think?

Opal brooch

Brooches and pins are big news this year. This Art Deco inspired opal gemstone and marcasite brooch will add a touch of sophistication to your lapel, bag, hat or scarf.

Romantic rose gold

The metal trend of the moment shows no signs of migrating for winter. Rose gold suits all skin tones and its copper tinge sets it apart from traditional yellow and white gold designs.

Rose gold morganite and diamond ring

Morganite is a feminine pale pink gemstone that has become a popular alternative to diamonds in wedding and engagement rings.

Rose gold diamond eternity ring

However, if you do like to stick with the classics, there really is nothing quite like a diamond. This eternity ring is also available in white gold.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires… oh my!

Precious gemstones are those which are categorised as holding superior strength and rarity in comparison to other gems. These are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald gemstones and many jewellery aficionados will have a repertoire of these in their collections. Gifting a precious gemstone ensures a keepsake that is not only special but also will last the test of time.

Diamond halo engagement ring

Who says popping the question has to break the bank? We offer a selection of affordable diamond engagement rings in 18ct white gold. Well, they do say Christmas is the most popular time to propose!

Emerald and diamond pear ring

Emeralds are a symbol of life and luck. This glistening emerald and diamond ring would look gorgeously green when unwrapped under the Christmas tree.

Ruby and diamond cluster earrings

Rubies are a gemstone of passion. Rubies will always mean love to those who give and receive them. It always helps when like these earrings they are surrounded by diamonds too of course.

Don’t let Santa get all the credit this year. Find something luxurious they’ll love at a price to suit your budget. Put your feet up, have a browse at some delectable gemstone jewellery and let us take the pain away from the Christmas shopping with free UK delivery and extended Christmas returns until 31st January 2017.

Layering Up: 10 Gold Rings Under £100

Gold stack rings

They say all that glitters is not gold. So that may be true. Diamonds and gemstones also glitter, right? With this in mind, why not have something that glitters in gold? Minimalist jewellery designs are all the rage these days. Perfectly suited to layering, cute jewellery pieces are a great way to add a dainty dazzle to a laid back outfit. Look no further for purse-friendly purchases that’ll keep those fingers sparkling and those gem collections bountiful as we present to your our edit of 9ct gold rings under £100.

Emerald and diamond ring
9ct yellow gold emerald & diamond ring, £95

Blue topaz and diamond ring

9ct yellow gold blue topaz & diamond ring, £89

Ruby ring

9ct yellow gold ruby ring, £99

Opal oval ring

9ct yellow gold oval opal ring, £65

Emerald ring

9ct yellow gold emerald ring, £95

Diamond flower ring

9ct yellow gold diamond flower ring, £89

Lapis lazuli pear ring

9ct yellow gold lapis lazuli pear ring, £55

Framed opal ring

9ct yellow gold framed opal ring, £69

Diamond butterfly ring
9ct yellow gold diamond butterfly ring, £89

Ruby and diamond ring

9ct yellow gold ruby & diamond ring, £99

9ct yellow gold diamond butterfly ring, £89

At Gemondo jewellery we are always working to bring you real gemstones in precious metals at great value. We believe everyone should be able to experience the natural beauty of gemstones and that’s why we cater to many different styles and budgets. If these gold rings under £100 take your fancy, why not visit us and download your free ring sizer?

Which one of these rings would win your fair hand? Let us know in the comments.

Autumn Edit: Gemstone Jewellery

This month marked the Autumn equinox, when days become shorter and darker and the leaves begin to turn as the year progresses. In celebration of the changing seasons, we have chosen a few of our favourite gemstone jewellery pieces in citrine, smokey quartz, garnet, ruby and more that compliment the colours of Autumn.

Citrine and peridot drop earrings

Garnet drop earrings

9ct yellow gold garnet drop earrings, £69

Smokey quzrt heart pendant

9ct yellow gold smokey quartz heart pendant, £49

Ruby flower hoop earrings

9ct yellow gold ruby and diamond flower hoop earrings, £89

Mint quartz ring

9ct yellow gold mint quartz pear ring, £89

Citrine bracelet

9ct yellow gold citrine bracelet, £55

Ruby drop earrings

9ct yellow gold ruby leaf drop earrings, £65

Don’t these colours just put you in the mood for crunching some crisp Autumn leaves underfoot? Which of these gemstone colours are your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Edit: Opaque Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones are abundant in different shades, textures and stories. In a world where diamonds and rubies are king, we thought we would take a moment to focus on some semi-precious gems that hold a higher opacity than translucent stones, boast unique style and display beautiful colours. Semi-precious gemstones look stunning in sterling silver and with their appearance and affordability, one can afford to go bigger (because bigger is always better!)

Statement semi-precious rings


Jade is the cloudy green gemstone thought by many to bring luck and ausperity to the wearer. It can be categorised as one of two types of stone, jadeite and nephrite. Popular around the world, it is often carved into ornate statues and ceremonial sculptures. Jade can be found in many colours, verging from pale greens and milky blues to lavender and pastel pinks but green is by far its most popular variety.


See all jade jewellery


Hailing from the chalcedony family, agate comes in many colours and forms. Agate is a hard gemstone with a glossy and opaque finish. The many kinds of agate gemstones all lend themselves to cabochon cuts and statement jewellery pieces. Some agate is banded, with linear patterns running through the stone caused by their volcanic upbringing. Blue lace agate displays these lines beautifully in white, grey and pastel blue colours. In the past, some may have believed agate stones to help with sleep problems and to aid the wearer in sensible decision making.

Blue lace agate jewellery

See all agate jewellery


One of the most popular semi-precious opaque gemstones in our collections is the beautiful blue turquoise. The vibrant colours and texturising veins within the stone may be the reasons behind its admiration. Along with tanzanite, turquoise is a December birthstone and is also used to celebrate 11th wedding anniversaries. Turquoise has proven its fashionable prowess, being spotted in trend-led collections and on catwalks, layered up at festivals and in holiday edits. Popular with lovers and collectors of its variant types and styles, turquoise is the kind of gem everyone should hold in their jewellery arsenal.

Turquoise jewellery

See all turquoise jewellery

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the cobalt blue gemstone speckled with marks of sparkling pyrite. Its outstanding beauty is the reason for its use as a paint colourant in classic artworks and also in sculptures, statues and carvings embedded in historical buildings. Lapis lazuli has also been found in ancient Egyptian burial sites set into beautiful talismans and artifacts.

Lapis lazuli jewellery

See all lapis lazuli jewellery


A newcomer to Gemondo, howlite has been big in 2016, complimenting the marbled aesthetic seen in fashion, interiors and beauty styles. Howlite gemstones flaunt a monochrome appearance with grey veins running through their chic white exterior. Although factually unfounded, many have believed howlite had the ability to calm waves of anger by consuming the negative energy of others.

Howlite jewellery

See all howlite jewellery


We can’t get enough of deep dark black onyx, the gemstone that really does go with everything. Chic and discerning, onyx has been thought to dispel negative emotion and encourage intelligence and confidence. Gemondo onyx jewellery is usually set with marcasite gemstones that compliment its gothic, somewhat vintage-inspired edge in Art Deco and Art Nouveau inspired styles.

Black onyx jewellery

See all onyx jewellery

Do you have a favourite semi-precious gemstone that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments and we can feature next time 🙂

Wedding & Engagement Jewellery Ideas To Suit Your Special Day

Halo diamond ring

As the most recent in a spell of this year’s celebrity betrothed, Pippa Middleton has been seen flaunting her extravagant Art Deco diamond engagement ring in celebration of her union with fiancé James Matthews. Every time our Twitter feed fills with these gorgeous gems from the most romantic gestures, we feel the need to talk weddings!

Diamond eternity rings

Diamond eternity rings in 9ct rose gold and white gold.

So this week, we’re taking a look at wedding and bridal jewellery. We couldn’t start any other way than the piece of jewellery that kicks off the celebrations, the engagement ring. Engagement rings are tokens of love offered in proposals of marriage, usually presented on one knee to the surprise of the receiver. In the UK, it is tradition to wear engagement rings on the ‘ring finger’ or third finger on the left hand which was once believed to be the place where a vein was connected to the heart. Rings, being circular in shape, are symbolic of forever, with no beginning and no end. Engagement rings are often decorated with gemstones and diamonds, each with different meanings, colours and designs to fit the tastes of the wearer. Various trends in wedding and engagement rings come and go throughout the ages, but in recent times diamonds have been centre stage due to their striking beauty and incomparable strength. Rose gold and yellow gold metals are becoming more popular, with more discerning wearers looking for alternatives to the popular white metals such as white gold and platinum. Let us introduce a few of our favourites. Would you like to wear one of these gorgeous rings?

Halo diamond ring

18ct white gold diamond cluster halo ring, £785

Trilogy style diamond ring

18ct white gold trilogy style diamond cluster ring, £519

Solitaire style diamond ring

18ct white gold solitaire style diamond cluster ring, £369

Half eternity diamond ring

18ct white gold half eternity diamond ring, £499

In the 1920s, apparently the slang for engagement rings was ‘handcuffs.’ We’ll leave that colloquialism in the past, but we will certainly take inspiration from the fashions of the era. If like Scarlett Johansson and Pippa Middleton, you love Art Deco styles, why not follow the Art Deco inspired wedding trend. Whilst the likes of big celebrity engagement rings may be well out of budget, there are other ways to work the 1920s trend into your special day without spending all your clams. Here are a few Art Deco inspired jewellery pieces that will look the ‘Bees Knees’ on brides and bridesmaids alike.

Art Deco inspired opal jewellery set

Art Deco inspired opal and marcasite jewellery set in sterling silver, £70

Art Deco pearl and marcasite fan necklace

Art Deco inspired pearl and marcasite fan necklace, £15

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite drop earrings

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite drop earrings in sterling silver, £49

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite necklace

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite necklace in sterling silver, £29

Another timeless style for wedding jewellery is pearls. Strung or single white pearl jewellery is a beautifully iridescent match to the classic wedding dress. Pearls are also thought by some to represent purity and are often gifted to loved ones on 30th wedding anniversaries. Browse a few of our favourites in affordable freshwater pearl jewellery below, including Lily of the Valley designs based on the stunning flowers chosen for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Lily of the Valley pearl bracelet

Lily of the Valley pearl bracelet in sterling silver, £19

Lily of the Valley pearl earrings

Lily of the Valley pearl drop earrings in sterling silver, £29

Pearl stud earrings

Pearl stud earrings in gold plated sterling silver, £12.95

Pearl necklace

Triple pearl necklace in gold plated sterling silver, £29

Pearl and marcasite stud earrings

Pearl and marcasite flower stud earrings in sterling silver, £15

Some of our customers have told us that they have chosen colourful gemstone jewellery to wear on their wedding day or even to accessories their bridesmaids, in keeping with their colour scheme and offering as a keepsake wedding favour. Sapphire, aquamarine and blue topaz gemstones are great ideas for that ‘something blue.’

Gemstone stud earrings

You can browse our full range of gemstones by colour here.

We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for accessorising the big day so please share your wedding wisdom in the comments. Also, browse our wedding board on Pinterest for a bit of everything we are loving in the wedding world.