Autumn Edit: Gemstone Jewellery

This month marked the Autumn equinox, when days become shorter and darker and the leaves begin to turn as the year progresses. In celebration of the changing seasons, we have chosen a few of our favourite gemstone jewellery pieces in citrine, smokey quartz, garnet, ruby and more that compliment the colours of Autumn.

Citrine and peridot drop earrings

Garnet drop earrings

9ct yellow gold garnet drop earrings, £69

Smokey quzrt heart pendant

9ct yellow gold smokey quartz heart pendant, £49

Ruby flower hoop earrings

9ct yellow gold ruby and diamond flower hoop earrings, £89

Mint quartz ring

9ct yellow gold mint quartz pear ring, £89

Citrine bracelet

9ct yellow gold citrine bracelet, £55

Ruby drop earrings

9ct yellow gold ruby leaf drop earrings, £65

Don’t these colours just put you in the mood for crunching some crisp Autumn leaves underfoot? Which of these gemstone colours are your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Edit: Opaque Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones are abundant in different shades, textures and stories. In a world where diamonds and rubies are king, we thought we would take a moment to focus on some semi-precious gems that hold a higher opacity than translucent stones, boast unique style and display beautiful colours. Semi-precious gemstones look stunning in sterling silver and with their appearance and affordability, one can afford to go bigger (because bigger is always better!)

Statement semi-precious rings


Jade is the cloudy green gemstone thought by many to bring luck and ausperity to the wearer. It can be categorised as one of two types of stone, jadeite and nephrite. Popular around the world, it is often carved into ornate statues and ceremonial sculptures. Jade can be found in many colours, verging from pale greens and milky blues to lavender and pastel pinks but green is by far its most popular variety.


See all jade jewellery


Hailing from the chalcedony family, agate comes in many colours and forms. Agate is a hard gemstone with a glossy and opaque finish. The many kinds of agate gemstones all lend themselves to cabochon cuts and statement jewellery pieces. Some agate is banded, with linear patterns running through the stone caused by their volcanic upbringing. Blue lace agate displays these lines beautifully in white, grey and pastel blue colours. In the past, some may have believed agate stones to help with sleep problems and to aid the wearer in sensible decision making.

Blue lace agate jewellery

See all agate jewellery


One of the most popular semi-precious opaque gemstones in our collections is the beautiful blue turquoise. The vibrant colours and texturising veins within the stone may be the reasons behind its admiration. Along with tanzanite, turquoise is a December birthstone and is also used to celebrate 11th wedding anniversaries. Turquoise has proven its fashionable prowess, being spotted in trend-led collections and on catwalks, layered up at festivals and in holiday edits. Popular with lovers and collectors of its variant types and styles, turquoise is the kind of gem everyone should hold in their jewellery arsenal.

Turquoise jewellery

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the cobalt blue gemstone speckled with marks of sparkling pyrite. Its outstanding beauty is the reason for its use as a paint colourant in classic artworks and also in sculptures, statues and carvings embedded in historical buildings. Lapis lazuli has also been found in ancient Egyptian burial sites set into beautiful talismans and artifacts.

Lapis lazuli jewellery

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A newcomer to Gemondo, howlite has been big in 2016, complimenting the marbled aesthetic seen in fashion, interiors and beauty styles. Howlite gemstones flaunt a monochrome appearance with grey veins running through their chic white exterior. Although factually unfounded, many have believed howlite had the ability to calm waves of anger by consuming the negative energy of others.

Howlite jewellery

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We can’t get enough of deep dark black onyx, the gemstone that really does go with everything. Chic and discerning, onyx has been thought to dispel negative emotion and encourage intelligence and confidence. Gemondo onyx jewellery is usually set with marcasite gemstones that compliment its gothic, somewhat vintage-inspired edge in Art Deco and Art Nouveau inspired styles.

Black onyx jewellery

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Do you have a favourite semi-precious gemstone that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments and we can feature next time :)

Wedding & Engagement Jewellery Ideas To Suit Your Special Day

Halo diamond ring

As the most recent in a spell of this year’s celebrity betrothed, Pippa Middleton has been seen flaunting her extravagant Art Deco diamond engagement ring in celebration of her union with fiancé James Matthews. Every time our Twitter feed fills with these gorgeous gems from the most romantic gestures, we feel the need to talk weddings!

Diamond eternity rings

Diamond eternity rings in 9ct rose gold and white gold.

So this week, we’re taking a look at wedding and bridal jewellery. We couldn’t start any other way than the piece of jewellery that kicks off the celebrations, the engagement ring. Engagement rings are tokens of love offered in proposals of marriage, usually presented on one knee to the surprise of the receiver. In the UK, it is tradition to wear engagement rings on the ‘ring finger’ or third finger on the left hand which was once believed to be the place where a vein was connected to the heart. Rings, being circular in shape, are symbolic of forever, with no beginning and no end. Engagement rings are often decorated with gemstones and diamonds, each with different meanings, colours and designs to fit the tastes of the wearer. Various trends in wedding and engagement rings come and go throughout the ages, but in recent times diamonds have been centre stage due to their striking beauty and incomparable strength. Rose gold and yellow gold metals are becoming more popular, with more discerning wearers looking for alternatives to the popular white metals such as white gold and platinum. Let us introduce a few of our favourites. Would you like to wear one of these gorgeous rings?

Halo diamond ring

18ct white gold diamond cluster halo ring, £785

Trilogy style diamond ring

18ct white gold trilogy style diamond cluster ring, £519

Solitaire style diamond ring

18ct white gold solitaire style diamond cluster ring, £369

Half eternity diamond ring

18ct white gold half eternity diamond ring, £499

In the 1920s, apparently the slang for engagement rings was ‘handcuffs.’ We’ll leave that colloquialism in the past, but we will certainly take inspiration from the fashions of the era. If like Scarlett Johansson and Pippa Middleton, you love Art Deco styles, why not follow the Art Deco inspired wedding trend. Whilst the likes of big celebrity engagement rings may be well out of budget, there are other ways to work the 1920s trend into your special day without spending all your clams. Here are a few Art Deco inspired jewellery pieces that will look the ‘Bees Knees’ on brides and bridesmaids alike.

Art Deco inspired opal jewellery set

Art Deco inspired opal and marcasite jewellery set in sterling silver, £70

Art Deco pearl and marcasite fan necklace

Art Deco inspired pearl and marcasite fan necklace, £15

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite drop earrings

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite drop earrings in sterling silver, £49

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite necklace

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite necklace in sterling silver, £29

Another timeless style for wedding jewellery is pearls. Strung or single white pearl jewellery is a beautifully iridescent match to the classic wedding dress. Pearls are also thought by some to represent purity and are often gifted to loved ones on 30th wedding anniversaries. Browse a few of our favourites in affordable freshwater pearl jewellery below, including Lily of the Valley designs based on the stunning flowers chosen for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Lily of the Valley pearl bracelet

Lily of the Valley pearl bracelet in sterling silver, £19

Lily of the Valley pearl earrings

Lily of the Valley pearl drop earrings in sterling silver, £29

Pearl stud earrings

Pearl stud earrings in gold plated sterling silver, £12.95

Pearl necklace

Triple pearl necklace in gold plated sterling silver, £29

Pearl and marcasite stud earrings

Pearl and marcasite flower stud earrings in sterling silver, £15

Some of our customers have told us that they have chosen colourful gemstone jewellery to wear on their wedding day or even to accessories their bridesmaids, in keeping with their colour scheme and offering as a keepsake wedding favour. Sapphire, aquamarine and blue topaz gemstones are great ideas for that ‘something blue.’

Gemstone stud earrings

You can browse our full range of gemstones by colour here.

We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for accessorising the big day so please share your wedding wisdom in the comments. Also, browse our wedding board on Pinterest for a bit of everything we are loving in the wedding world.

Summer In Bloom With Wild Flower Jewellery

West Indian Jasmine jewellery

The sun has finally arrived and whilst you’ve been dreaming of your holiday travels, explorations and topping up your tan, we have been crafting new rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets inspired by beauty from all over the world.

We have four new floral designs decorated with cultured freshwater pearls and sparkling diamonds that are now in bloom for Summer 2016. Gemondo’s wild flower jewellery pieces are inspired by the breathtaking designs of Mother Nature. Let us guide you through each flower’s jewellery design, stunning in aesthetic and in strength.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley jewellery

Lily of the Valley is a dainty, bulb-shaped flower that gracefully droops from its stem. Chosen for the marriage ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Lily of the Valley has become a popular choice for wedding flowers. This Lily of the Valley design features a central cultured freshwater pearl and leaves of sterling silver, just perfect for bridal accessories and gifts.

West Indian Jasmine

West Indian Jasmine jewellery

West Indian Jasmine has been named by some as ‘Flame of the Woods’ or ‘Jungle Flame’ due to its fantastic red colour. In these jewellery designs, the West Indian Jasmine has been designed in 9ct yellow gold to flaunt the criss-cross shape of its petals and encapsulate the focal diamonds or pearls.

Spring Starflower

Spring Starflower jewellery

The Spring Starflower just bursts with personality from its six pointed petals. Featuring a central diamond, this jewellery design features openwork 9ct yellow gold petals.


Ginkgo jewellery

Ginkgo is known as a strong and durable plant, having been grown for thousands of years and also used by many as a health aid. The Ginkgo’s leaves feature an iconic unfurled fan shape, captured in this jewellery design in sterling silver with etched lines and decorated with dainty pearls.

For green-fingered gifts, wedding jewellery for beautiful brides and more discover wild flower jewellery designs at Gemondo with prices starting at £19.

Exclusive Luminosity Jewellery: Inspired by Sunsets & Skylines

Luminosity rings

Holidays, breathtaking sunsets and dream-like getaways were the motivations behind Gemondo’s exclusive Luminosity jewellery collection. Just as the burning sun rises and sets with pastel colours, the Luminosity collection was designed to glow and glisten with specially faceted gemstone beauty.

Luminosity jewellery

The play of light dances on these translucent gems as they move. Light amethyst, blue topaz and green mint quartz gemstones with their flashes of colour and wonderful clarity have been set in geometric shapes of 9ct yellow gold to give a sleek and sophisticated look that reflects the beauty of nature’s most stunning skyscapes.

Luminosity rings

Amethyst has been said by some to represent piety and calm, blue topaz to emulate warmth and beauty and finally quartz as a symbol for cleansing and well-being.

Luminosity bracelet

Get the glow and discover Gemondo’s exclusive Luminosity collection with a range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can also get 20% off all Luminosity jewellery until 18th April 2016, just click here to visit Gemondo.

Jewellery Gift Ideas Mum Will Adore

She’s seen us through our best and most definitely our worst moments. We don’t call as much as we should, but she knows we love her dearly. She deserves a token to remind her how much we care even though we may not always show it. Mother’s Day is this Sunday (6th March 2016) so we’ve been thinking about all things sparkly that our mums would adore. Here’s a few of our top picks from Gemondo jewellery that will keep mum smiling.

Our list was initially inspired by our own mothers’ love of flowers. We though a great twist on a beautiful but unfortunately temporary gift would be to offer her a bouquet that would never wilt, floral jewellery crafted with colourful gemstones.

Rhodolite garnet flower pendant
Rhodolite and diamond pendant, £65

Iolite flower ring
Iolite flower ring, £65

Sterling silver sapphire flower stud earrings

Sterling silver sapphire flower stud earrings, £39

Ruby and marcasite flower ring

Sterling silver ruby and marcasite flower ring, £29

We also remembered mum loves pearls, so we picked a few affordable pearl jewellery items that we think she would love.


Freshwater pearl drop earrings in gold plated sterling silver, £19


Freshwater pearl charm bracelet in gold plated sterling silver, £25


Freshwater pearl necklace in gold plated sterling silver, £29


Sterling silver mother of pearl classic cluster ring, £25

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. And from us at Gemondo to all hard working mums out there, happy Mother’s Day!

Back in Black: Dark Gems in Gothic Trends

Sometimes the feeling of the day is all extrovert with ostentatious colourful print combinations. Other days the outfit, and the outlook, is simply black and white. For those days when your palette is chic and simple monochrome, black is the go-to shade that will go with everything. We love black gemstones, just perfect to accessorise those dark days.


Our black gemstone jewellery might seem gloomy, but actually seems fitting to dispel bad vibes. Black onyx is a type of agate gemstone that has been thought to banish negativity and encourage confidence. Black spinel has been thought to calm the wearer, pacifying anger and distress. These gemstones also really lend themselves to Victorian and Art Deco aesthetics, adding to the gothic trend that is forever popping up on catwalks and transcending high street fashion norms.

Here are a few of our favourite black gemstone jewellery pieces.

Sterling-silver-art-deco-120ct-black-spinel-marcasite-ring 0067613_sterling-silver-art-deco-black-onyx-marcasite-statement-ring

Black spinel & marcasite Art Deco style ring, £19

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style ring, £45

Sterling silver black onyx art nouveau style ring 0056808_sterling-silver-030ct-black-onyx-marcasite-art-deco-ring

Black onyx & marcasite Art Nouveau style ring, £29

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style ring, £19

Black diamond hoop earrings Art Deco black onyx earrings

Black diamond hoop earrings in white gold, £185

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style earrings, £29

Black onyx and marcasite statement ring Sterling silver black onyx and marcasite circle necklace

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco cocktail ring, £45

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style circle necklace, £25

Black gemstone jewellery






Let us know what you think in the comments or follow us on @gemondo Instagram to see more of our gothic goings on.

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Sapphire stud earrings

Valentine’s Day is a time to spoil and be spoiled with all manner of beautiful things, but who says beautiful things have to leave you sobbing into your bank statement. Here’s our rundown of gorgeous Gemondo jewellery gifts with an injection of romance that will fit nicely into your budget.


Perfect little places to stash your sweet nothings.

Carnelian locket

Sterling silver marcasite & carnelian heart locket, £35

Angel wing locket

Sterling silver marcasite angel wing locket, £49

Birthstone Hearts

Birthstones are gemstones that mark the birth month of the wearer, making a very sweet and sentimental gift. Discover all the birthstones here and see a few of our favourites below.

sapphire heart stud earrings

Yellow gold blue sapphire heart stud earrings, £55

Rose gold ruby heart pendant

Rose gold plated ruby heart pendant, £25 (only £15 until the 14th February 2016!)

Opal and diamond heart necklace

Yellow gold opal and diamond heart pendant necklace, £55

Shimmering Marcasite

Marcasite sparkles as it moves, so these dangly sterling silver earrings are the perfect low-budget piece that will dazzle.

Marcasite heart drop earrings

Sterling silver marcasite heart drop dangle earrings, £15

Marcasite heart drop earrings

Sterling silver marcasite heart drop earrings, £29

Clear Gemstones

If you want the look of diamonds without the price tag but still crafted from something special, try white topaz or rock crystal to keep the costs down. These gemstones offer an icy-clear look at a fraction of the cost of a diamond.

White topaz drop hearts pendant

Sterling silver white topaz drop hearts pendant, £35

Rock crystal and marcasite ring

Sterling silver rock crystal and marcasite ring, £29

Engagement Rings & Eternity Rings Under £150

And if you are set on diamonds and precious gemstones and no substitues will do, take a look at these gorgeous occasion rings all under £150.

Emerald and diamond ring

White gold emerald and diamond pear cluster ring, £129

Ruby and diamond ring

Yellow gold ruby and diamond ring, £149

Diamond eternity ring

White gold diamond eternity ring, £139

Pink sapphire and diamond ring

Pink sapphire and diamond eternity ring, £105

Visit Gemondo’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for more beautiful jewellery gift ideas.

Precious Moments

precious gemstone rings

Although we hate to admit it, it would seem that not all gemstones are created equal. There are four very special stones that are considered truly precious due to their superior properties of rarity, strength and sparkle. These are the ruby, the sapphire, the emerald and of course the diamond. Loved and collected by many, precious gemstones are the keepsakes, the inherited and the treasured. The Crown Jewels are one of the few collections we can think of that are known to be encrusted with many large and rare precious gemstones simultaneously and whilst we cannot afford the Queen’s collection we can certainly try and emulate her style! Maybe you are lucky enough to have one of these as your birthstone, or maybe you just have expensive taste. Either way, here is our guide to the big four precious gemstones.


The colour of passion marks ruby as an incredibly romantic red gem and one that is used to gift loved ones over and over again. Known in Sanskrit as ratnaraj or ‘king of precious stones’ the ruby is a colourful competitor to the diamond, some rubies have even been known to reach higher values than similar sized diamonds. As the birthstone for July and the symbolic gem for 40th wedding anniversaries, rubies have a special significance when worn in jewellery. In pop culture, rubies have made waves in Hollywood as the iconic bright red gemstone that decorated Dorothy’s slippers in classic movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and also named the famous Rolling Stones song ‘Ruby Tuesday.’

ruby rings


Most iconically known as the ultimate blue gemstone, sapphires can also occur in a variety of colours from black and orange to pink. Sapphires can display asterism, which refers to the way light passes through the stone. Asterism can be seen in star sapphires, named for the shape of the display that appears on the gem when an overhead light is shone over it. Helen of Troy, famous in beauty and the art of attraction, was said to have a star sapphire that symbolised her magnetism.

Star sapphire
Classic blue sapphires have started to become popular engagement ring gemstones again. Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge all flaunt big beautiful sapphires as their focal gemstone with complimentary diamonds.

Sapphire ring


The green of the emerald is so loved that the gem’s name has become an adjective for all manner of green things. From the ‘Emerald Isle’ to ‘Emerald City’ (The Wizard of Oz seems to keep appearing!) this gemstone inspires because its colour is so very vivid it’s reminiscent of nature. Emeralds by their own nature have inspired many of our own floral jewellery designs.
Floral emerald jewellery
Naturally included, emerald’s markings are like individual fingerprints telling the story of each stone as they form. Celebrity fans of emerald jewellery include Beyonce, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie.


Without a doubt the most popular gemstone, diamonds are the astounding clear stones formed from compressing carbon under extreme conditions. Diamonds are known for their great strength and striking dazzle, being used in industrial drilling and cutting tools as well as in beautiful jewellery works.
Diamond rings
Known as the birthstone for April, many a lucky girl is offered this gemstone not just as a birthday gift but also in eternity and engagement rings. Coloured diamonds have started to become more popular with beautiful canary yellow, champagne, black and pink diamonds being used in modern jewellery designs. Would you go for classic or colourful?
Diamond rings

Do you have any precious gemstone facts you’d like to share? Get in touch in the comments. If you want a piece of the precious action, why not take a look at some of our new ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond jewellery pieces and go about your day in the most royal of ways.

Winter Sale Favourites


The Gemondo Winter Sale has just become a lot more tempting, especially with Christmas only a week away. Save the rummaging and let us guide you through some of our favourite jewellery bargains and stunning stones for less.

These classic styles are reminiscent of regal jewels, gemstones and diamonds in gold. These pieces are timeless, whether gifted from a loved one, handed down or just to reflect personal tastes.


Gold plated amethyst and diamond ring. Was £39, now only £20.

This beautiful amethyst ring features three oval stones of deep purple. It is gold plated sterling silver to give a classic look at an affordable price of just £20. Why not pop one in their stocking this Christmas?


Sterling silver tanzanite & diamond bracelet. Was £535, now only £268.

This tanzanite and diamond bracelet is a beautiful accessory to compliment the cold weather. These beautiful blueish-purple gemstones can only be sourced in Tanzania, making it a much desired gemstone with an icy blue winter feel.


Yellow gold aquamarine & diamond ring. Was £375, now only £188.

These gorgeous peridot and aquamarine rings are decorated with diamonds and set in 9ct yellow gold. As birthstones for August and March these make great gifts for collectors of shiny things.


Yellow gold peridot & diamond ring. Was £135, now only £68.

For the eccentrics who love to covet things that stand out from the crowd, these pieces below team lesser known gemstones with flamboyant design.


Gold plated sterling silver spinel and rhodolite garnet ring. Was £59, now only £30


Gold plated labradorite, topaz & diamond ring. Was £65, now only £33.


Gold plated malachite and peridot pendant. Was £49, now only £25.

For the minimalist fashionistas who like to keep it simple, these jewellery items might just be the perfect accessory to enhance a sleek ensemble.


Yellow gold aquamarine drop earrings. Was £125, now only £63.


Yellow gold amethyst pendant necklace. Was £65, now only £33.

Whatever your jewellery style, there is something for all budgets and tastes in the Gemondo Winter Sale. Take a look for fabulous sterling silver and gold rings, earrings, necklaces and more with colourful gemstones. With a lifetime guarantee and free UK delivery on all items we’ve made these sale jewellery pieces difficult to resist.