Jazz Age Jewels to Bring the Twenties Back

Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby is sure to be quite the visual feast whether you’re looking forward to seeing Leo and Tobey looking dreamy in their dashing suits, or drooling over Carey Mulligan’s dazzling on-screen diamond collection. For her role as Gatsby’s “golden girl” Daisy Buchanan, Ms Mulligan got to play dress-up with a designer wardrobe courtesy of Miuccia Prada and Catherine Martin, and a collection of gorgeous Tiffany and Co. jewellery worth millions. The 27-year-old starlet is even rumoured to have been shadowed by a security guard on set to protect the precious accessories.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to be a part of the current 1920s trend without the need for a personal bodyguard! Here are a few tips on twenties-inspired pieces that will help you channel Daisy without breaking the bank.


Art Deco was the defining design trend of the 20s, and it influenced everything from architecture to fashion – think strong geometric lines, bold abstract shapes and plenty of sparkle. Popular gemstones during the Jazz Age included rubies, emeralds and marcasite in elaborate sterling silver settings. Why not spoil yourself with a statement piece like an Art Deco ring or pendant?

Crystal Craze

Dripping with diamonds might look glam, but it’s not exactly affordable, or practical. Luckily there are plenty of gorgeous crystal accessories available to give you just as much shine for a much smaller budget. Eat your heart out, Clara Bow!

Pearl Perfection

It just wouldn’t be the 20s without those seemingly endless strings of pearls! Rope necklaces as long as 80 or 90cm were worn draped around the necks of all the era’s most iconic beauties in shades of white, rose and champagne. Get in touch with your inner flapper and sling some faux pearls casually over a drop-waisted dress for some vintage va-va-voom!

Do you have a favourite piece of vintage jewellery in your personal collection? Or have you spotted a contemporary piece that took you back in time to the Golden 20s? Let us know and we’ll give you more style tips on how to work those old-school beauties with a modern twist you can wear any day of the week.

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