Celtic Romance

Myths and legends of brave heroes and great battles celebrated in old and modern literature, illustrated manuscripts, paintings, artefacts and, of course, in the art of the storyteller have all contributed to the romance of the bygone era that Celtic design belongs to. Combined with the intricate, mesmerising patterns and strong symbolism, Celtic jewellery has romantic connotations that make the pieces ideal as love tokens and wedding rings.

The Celtic Knot comprises of two entwined bands that have no beginning or end. This has long been used to represent ever-lasting, eternal love and has, therefore, been used as decoration on wedding or engagement rings for centuries. Used as decoration on other items of jewellery such as brooches, earrings and necklaces, the knot can be seen as a token of love. The design uses techniques such as filigree, engraving or casting.

The Claddagh Ring is also very commonly used as a love token and as a wedding ring. The love story behind its creation can be seen on Celtic charm and Claddagh classics. Although this story may be a myth, there is no denying the romantic symbolism behind its design with the hands representing friendship, the heart, love and the crown, loyalty – the perfect expression of wedding vows.

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