Celebrities love Cai Men

Over the past week we have seen Ashley McKenzie and Julian Clary wearing our Cai Men leather bracelet during their time on Celebrity Big Brother 2012.

Julian Clary wearing Cai Men Bracelet

Julian Clary wearing Cai Men Bracelet

The collections feature strikingly unique accessories fabricated from genuine sterling silver and other premium materials such as leather, agate, onyx and so on. This is an unusual tact to take with trend-specific men’s jewelry which is conventionally made of stainless steel, but the use of silver allows for intricate detail that could not be achieved otherwise – the current collection features bulls, eagles, daggers and other elaborate engravings that differentiate it in the face of competitors.
ashley mckenzie wearing cai men

Ashley McKenzie wearing Cai Men

The metal has also been given a vintage look, achieved through an oxidization process that creates contrasting shadow-like areas against the silver-colored surface. In combination with technically compelling details such as magnet clasps, these attributes portray how the entirety of the caï men product line has been created with a youthful, masculine and fashion-conscious consumer in mind.

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