What Shines a Subtle Blue & Stops People Talking About You?

Aquamarine illustration

It is this month’s birthstone, the beloved aquamarine.

According to legend, this beautiful gem protects those who wear it from gossip.

We think this is especially good news for celebrities who claim aquamarine as their birthstone. They include Lady Gaga, Daniel Craig, Chris Martin, Elton John, Jessica Biel, and Justin Bieber.

Now for a true-blue fact about this March birthstone:
A gem-quality aquamarine stone weighing 110 Kg, that is more that 17st, was discovered in Brazil in 1910. It weighed more than any of the miners who struggled to unearth it. This once-in-a-lifetime find was cut into 100,000 carats worth of glittering gems.

Faceted aquamarine gemstones

Do we know any juicy stories about the lucky ones who got to wear that wonderful jewellery? Well, as it turns out, we don’t. And it’s no wonder.
Because, as the legend says, aquamarine protects those who wear it from gossip.

Milky aquamarine

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