Ruby Gemstone Jewellery the July Birthstone

It is a littkle know fact that rubies are rarer and more expensive than Diamonds. Only a handful of mines in countries such as Madagascar, Kenya, Thailand and China exist and some of these mines are in the remotest of locations. The earliest record of Ruby gemstone mining date back two and a half millennia and from that time to this, this precious gem has been highly prized.

Many cultures believed rubyies had mystical, protective or even prophetic powers. Burmese warriors would insert them under their skin, as this was said to protect them in battle.

Due to its’ red hues, the Ruby gemstone has long been associated with Love and passion and has remained a popular gem for love tokens and anniversary rings. The Hindus, however, believed that the colour was due to an eternal fire that endwoed the wearer with long life.

The name “Ruby” comes from the Latin, ‘Rufus’ which simply means ‘Red’ but Ruby gemstones can, in fact, come in a range of colours from pink to almost brown depending on the chromium and iron content.

Ruby is the birthstone fo the month of July, so as this month approaches, why not check out Gemondo’s extensive range of Ruby gemstone jewellery

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