The Fiery Origins of July’s Ruby Birthstone

Known as the king of the gemstones because of its spherical similarities to the sun, the ruby is historically linked to royal jewellery collections around the world and has been worn by the late Princess Diana (who coincidently was also born in July) and Queen Elizabeth. Excited yet? Before we get ahead of ourselves, royalty isn’t the only thing the ruby has going for itself!

Celebs who share July’s birthstone

Jewellery lovers born in July share their birthstone with a variety of big name celebrities. Clearly blessed with the astrological benefits of the ruby, Sofia Vergara, Gisele Bundchen, Daniel Radcliffe and Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the famous faces that are benefiting from the financial stability and liveliness invoked by the ruby.

Ruby makes a splash on the runway

Trending on the runway, ruby colours were also featured in this Feb’s Milan Fashion Week. Gucci, Emporio Armani and Bottega Veneta decided to take their inspiration from the fiery gem and add its glow to their autumn range.

Hunting for rubies?

Currently, the most expensive rubies are sourced from Burma, while Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar and Tanzania are also known for their ruby deposits. In terms of colours, rubies can range from pure red to princess pink and purple hues. And while pigeon-blood red remains the most expensive in terms of price matrix, all forms of this naturally occurring gemstone are popular because of its “precious stone” status.

Reasons to add rubies to your jewellery box this July:

Rare? Check

Eye-catching? Check

Gemondo’s ruby jewellery won’t empty my bank account? Double check!

Most of us have wished for power of command, fame and success at some point. So why not spoil yourself with a birthday present that, like a matryoshka doll, gifts all of the above qualities to its wearer? Or alternatively, for those who don’t believe in astrology, put this exquisite gemstone on your gift registry for pure aesthetic! It’s a statement piece you’ll never get tired of. Take a look at some of Gemondo’s best ruby pieces today – if this blog post hasn’t convinced you, we’ll let our jewellery do the talking!

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