Opal Gemstone Jewellery

opal gemstone jewellery

Opal gemstone jewellery


Opals are beautiful gems, with the finest specimens containing every colour of the rainbow. The name means ‘Precious Stone’ and is thought to have come from the Latin “Opalus” and the Greek “Opallios”.

Opal & Diamond Ring

9ct Yellow Gold 0.62ct Triplet Opal & Diamond Ring


The colours Opal possess internally are one of the most fascinating natural effects and is correctly referred to as “play of colour”.
We are very lucky to see rich and vibrant Fire Opals. Fire Opals were set in jewellery by the Aztecs since 1300AD. These gems can vary from translucent to semi-translucent. Although the gem can be found in several locations around the world,most Fire Opal are sourced from Mexico and Brazil.

Fire Opal Drop Earrings

Fire Opal Drop Earrings

Opals have been considered good luck throughout history. They were as precious as Diamonds to the ancient Greeks.When Europeans first went to the New World they found the Aztecs of South America mining the gem, and due to its rareness and beauty they took many back to Europe to be presented to the royal courts.

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