May Birthstone


This lovely gem gets its name originally from the Greek word Smaragdos, which means ‘green stone’ it comes from the mineral Beryl, and is normally found in Columbia and Brazil. This stone symbolises Spring, with its associations with growth and rejuvenation, in many cultures this stone is considered the stone of personal development, and wearing it is said to bring Wisdom, Growth and Patience.
EMERALDS are seldom perfect, they are characterised in their untreated form by fissures and cracks. It is usual to oil their surface to achieve the unblemished beauty we usually associate with this gorgeous gem.
Emeralds are mentioned in early Roman and Egyptian history. The beautiful and powerful Cleopatra, lover of both Caesar and Anthony, is said to have mined the very first EMERALDS which adorned her dress and mesmerised all who came in contact with her. Perhaps the real joy of the EMERALD lies in its glamour, its clear green beauty is said when worn to enhance love and contentment. It is well respected for its healing properties, gazing at it is said to soothe the eyes, and cure epilepsy in children.

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