March Birthstone


The clear blue AQUAMARINE is the birth stone for MARCH. Traditionally the AQUAMARINE has been associated with water, and the sea. Its name is derived from the Roman ‘Aqua’ meaning water and ‘Mare’, meaning sea. It is usually coloured light green to pale blue, but is heat treated to achieve its preferred clear, very light blue appearance. Originally it was thought to have fallen from the jewellery boxes of the Sirens and then washed ashore, where it would lie on the beach awaiting discovery.
In ancient times AQUAMARINE stones were carried by sailors who believed they would mesmerise all who looked into it, and when faced with tempestuous seas this gem would placate the wrath of Poseidon. These lovely gemstones often had the likeness of Neptune engraved on their surface, and would be worn around the neck to ward off danger.
This gemstone is considered one of the purest of stones, and is said to re-awaken love in a tired marriage. It symbolises safely and security, especially in long standing relationships. It is also used as a healing stone, and is said to be particularly strong in helping ailments associated with the heart, liver, stomach and mouth and throat area.
For most of us however, its clear beauty, its ability to catch the light and shine is enough to make it a favourite.

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