June Birthstone


The MOONSTONE is the opalescent variety of the orthoclase, with a blue or white sheen, said to be rather like the shine of the moon. This is caused by the reflection of light from the internal structure which has been made up over thousands of years from alternating layers of albite and orthoclase feldspar.
Regarded as the ‘lovers’ stone the MOONSTONE evokes tender feelings and is said to safeguard true love. The very best examples come from Burma and Sri Lanka, however stones will be found in India and Mexico, and even the European Alps.
There are many mythical stories associated with the MOONSTONE, with its rather mysterious appearance, and elusive colouring. Traditionally Arabic women are said to secrete a moonstone within the fabric of their garments to ensure fertility, whilst others wear it sent in silver or gold as a ring to cure nervousness.

The PEARL, the second birthstone for June, is a truly organic stone. Created by the oyster, it is said that a man had to dive a thousand times to find just one oyster containing a single PEARL. No wonder Cleopatra is said to have bewitched Marc Anthony with a portion of ground salt water pearls. There have been many famous PEARS, of which probably the most notable is the IMPERIAL HONG KONG PEARL, which weighs an amazing 25.5 grams and is set in platinum and diamonds.
In modern times many of the pearls we wear are cultured, that is grown in fresh water mussels. Whilst these are not so rare, they very difficult to tell apart from the oyster pearl, and are just as lovely.

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