July Birthstone


The RUBY is the gemstone for the month of July. This lush red stone with its velvety crimson hues has historically been considered the King of Gems. Revered by the Hindus and still worn today sometimes as the centre piece of their ceremonial wedding head dress, but also to decorate the pierced nose or to adorn the centre of the forehead.
Worn on the finger the RUBY resembles an eternal flame, never to be extinguished. When worn on the left hand, the Burmese believed that RUBIES generate mystical forces and are a powerful protector from harm. The RUBY is said to bring good fortune to the wearer and makes the ideal token of love.
Although revered for their fiery red tones, RUBIES do come in a variety of shades, from pinkish to purplish or brownish red, depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. They are found worldwide and there have been a number of very famous rubies, one of which, The Delong Star Ruby weighing 100.32 carats, was stolen in 1964. The stone was eventually returned after a ransom of $25,000 was paid. The drop off point was a telephone kiosk in Florida. The Delong Star Ruby is now on show in the NaturalHistoryMuseum in New York City.

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