Jewellery Care and Jewellery Cleaning

Jewellery is usually a treasured luxury given as gifts or bought for those special occasion and often represents many hours of craftsmanship and exploration, and deserves to be carefully looked after.

It’s often a fact that the most beautiful gemstones set in the most lavish gold or platinum will be loved and cherished by their owners only to be submerged in the swimming pool, hot water in the sink and subjected to daily abuse with no maintenance at all. Hardly surprising that occasionally the stones will lose their glitter and sparkle, and even become loose, maybe lost forever.

All Gemondo jewellery is hand polished and finished, meaning that it will retain its sparkle for far longer. Caring for jewellery is a simple matter of a routine of checking, cleaning and storing safely.


Routinely inspect your jewellery. Check that the stones are in place and not loose, check that there are no scratches or ingrained dirt, check clasps (particularly on bracelets and with silver, which is often soft and subject to stress).

Take special care of coloured gems; check their settings and their surfaces for scratches. With gold pieces watch out for dents and abrasions, the highest quality gold tends to be soft and subject to stress. Some jewellery items like bangles can be hollow, and so it is possible to easily dent them by accident. Be careful in extreme temperatures – metal expands and contracts and this will effect the settings of stones in rings and bracelets. Gemondo jewellery has carefully designed stone settings that minimise the risk of losing a gemstone.

Try to protect your jewellery from chemicals such as sun lotion, hair spray, makeup and so on. It is a good idea to apply these substances before putting on your jewellery. It is best to remove rings whilst doing household tasks or putting on hand cream but do make sure you remember where you have put them!


From time to time your special pieces of jewellery will need cleaning to maintain its sparkle. Before putting your jewellery away after use, wipe it carefully with a soft 100% cotton cloth. Gemondo recommends that when wiping your jewellery, you are careful not to catch the claws of the stone settings with the cloth, in case the settings are bent or fibers of the cloth become trapped.

Gold and Silver, and other metals. Wash gently in warm soapy water and then give it a light polish with Goddards Long Shine Cloth, or another good make of precious metal cleaner. Make sure you get all the cleaner off leaving a soft even, shiny finish.

Diamonds and other gemstones; Do not place these in chemicals cleaners. Many gemstones are particularly porous and will be affected by chemical cleaners. Remember that many of the loveliest gemstones will change colour in prolonged sunlight, in particular be careful of exposing amber, citrine and rose and smoky quartz, these will fade with too much exposure.

Pearls and Opals: These will be severely affected by chemicals, but it’s a curious fact that these natural stones improve with wear, but do check for wear on strung settings. It is advisable to have your pearl necklaces and bracelets restrung by an expert periodically – especially if strung on silk.


Store your jewellery in a safe place. It’s clearly useless cherishing and caring for it if a burglar can easily find it. Store in soft jewellery bags, jewellery such as pearls and opals need to be stored in natural fibre bags as they need to breathe, whilst all jewellery needs to be stored away from sunlight or the heat of radiators.

Store jewellery separately, so that it doesn’t scratch the other items in your collection.


Last but not least, enjoy your jewellery! Remember, most of the pieces will represent a special occasion, or is a gift of love, and will bring you lasting pleasure if you spend just a little time caring for it.

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