January Birthstone


Documented in history as far back as 3500 BC this is the stone reputed to have delivered Noah and his ark to salvation, lighting the path for him to follow. In ancient times the GARNET was used by knights as talisman in battle. It was worn for protection reputedly by King Solomon, and later the Crusaders carried ornamented their swords and battledress with GARNETS to ensure a safe return to their lived ones. The GARNET is a particularly hard stone and some Asiatic tribes used them as bullets, believing that the redness of the stone would inflict a more deadly wound than the leaden bullet.

The GARNET is found in volcanic rock and alluvial deposits, often alongside diamonds. It is found, amongst other places, in Arizona in the USA, South Africa, Argentina and Brazil. This gem comes in several different shades of red but most usual is the PYROPE GARNET, ‘pyrope’ coming from the Greek work pyropos meaning fiery.

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