How to Find Their Ring Size (Without Them Knowing!)

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As Valentine’s Day approaches people all across the country prepare to pop the big question to their beloved, making promises that can change lives forever. Also, many happy couples may look to give important anniversary gifts and romantic tokens of love to remind one another of the love that is shared. Popular jewellery pieces for such occasions are, of course, rings. Symbols of eternity in their shape and strength in their precious materials, engagement rings and eternity rings make beautiful gifts that are sure to make them smile.

One of the main issues with giving rings as gifts is to know which size to buy. It would be nice to get this right first time and avoid the delay in showing off new jewellery. Unfortunately there aren’t many indicators of ring size without directly measuring their fingers. When it comes to rings that are supposed to be a surprise gift, this can become an enigma. With a few creative tips let us help you to discover the right ring size (without them clocking on!)

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• We wouldn’t normally condone theft, but ‘borrowing’ a ring from their jewellery collection can be one of the most precise ways to figure out ring size. It pays to be attentive. Make sure whichever ring you pick is one that they would normally wear on the finger your new ring is intended for. Otherwise use one they would normally wear on the middle finger and go down one or two sizes.

• If you think their ‘borrowed’ ring will be missed, use it as a template and stencil the inside on a piece of paper and then return it. You can also measure the circumference of a ring by using a piece of string. This can be cut to size and then used for comparison. These measurements can then be given to your jeweller or measured against a size guide.

• Download an online ring sizer. Print off the document and compare the ring or string etc. against the chart. If you know which jeweller you would like to buy from, try using ring charts and size guides provided to ensure a more accurate fit. Each UK ring size measurement will match a letter of the alphabet. You can download the Gemondo online ring sizer here, it looks like this:

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• If you know your ring size, put one of their rings on your finger. You can gauge the size you might need by comparing to your own ring size. Will it need to be larger or smaller and how drastic is the difference?

• Ask their friends and family, they are an invaluable source of recommendations. They may share a similar ring size with a friend or have even hinted about rings in conversation. Otherwise friends and family may not mind being complicit and sneakily asking on your behalf in a subtle way only they know how.

• Find receipts and guarantees or contact jewellers you have previously purchased from. They may hold clues to the sizes you require or at least be able to offer advice if they know your order history.

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Bear in mind that rings may need amendments over time. Temperature, amongst other things, can affect the size of a finger. We wouldn’t normally recommend more than three sizes up or down to preserve quality and strength. Gemondo offers ring resizing on selected lines for only £5.00 or special orders of sizes can be made so it is always worth an enquiry if you are unsure of your choice.

When you order with Gemondo, we’ll include one of our own ring sizers in your parcel. If you happen to have ordered the wrong size, simply return to us and let us know which size you would prefer. You can also request one from us without having to place an order.

Good luck on your search and we hope they say YES!

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