Going Green with August’s Birthstone Peridot

Origins and Inspirations

Peridot, a derivative of the olivine mineral, is the birthstone of August and boasts its beauty in a multitude of rich green shades, from olive yellow to deep dark forest hues. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that remains loyal to its distinctive colour. Such greens and yellows have us conjuring thoughts of lush rainforest, wild abandon and all things instinctively earthly. This all makes sense considering peridot is prominent in lava and surfaces as the result of natural volcanic reactions, pushing up the material from the depths of the earth. What makes this stone all the more intriguing is its relationship with otherworldly bodies. Peridot deposits have been found in meteorites and comet dust, marking it as a truly cosmic material.

How to Wear

For peridot, our edit was created with your wild side in mind and with the recent summer heatwave everyone seems to be losing their fashion inhibitions. Cool down hot dresses and playsuits with a simple peridot pendant teamed with drop earrings and bright print accessories. Looking for laid back pieces that will take you from day to night? Vibrant green peridot pendants are the understated hero when worn with a simple white shirt. Add an eye-catching cocktail ring for the evening and save the statement for last. For those who like their accessories a little louder, we’re thinking peridot combined with citrine for a tropical layering look.

1. 9ct yellow gold citrine pendant 22510
2. 9ct yellow gold 1.15ct peridot pendant 7994
3. 9ct yellow gold citrine and diamond ring 25235
4. 9ct yellow gold & natural peridot drop earrings 25391
5. 9ct yellow gold oro verde, peridot & tsavorite necklace 27329
6. 9ct yellow gold peridot and diamond ring 25431

Throw caution to the wind and go green with Gemondo’s beautiful peridot selection. Let us know how you wear peridot, we are always looking for inspiration!

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