February Birthstone


The crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac or mauve is called an AMETHYST. It is mined from alluvial deposits and often has a feint strip which is caused by liquid filled canals. This gem has traditionally been associated with the month of February. This lovely stone was said to be the favourite of St Valentine whose commemorative day falls on February 14th.
The AMETHYST has been thought of as the perfect stone for Royalty and Churchmen alike. Moses, in the first testament describes the AMETHYST as ‘The symbol of the spirit of God’ and because of this the church has adopted it as the stone worn by its Cardinals and Bishops. Catherine the Great, of Russia so desired this stone that she sent hundreds of men to search for it in the inhospitable Siberian wastes, and many of them gave their lives in its quest. Her desire for the stone was not only because of its great beauty but because of its reputation for having restorative properties. Catherine believed, as do many others, that the AMETHYST has special properties which protect against stomach upsets. The stone is said to sober and cleanse the body, to prevent drunkenness and even more desirable to Catherine, it was reputed to beautify the skin.
Certainly wearing an AMETHYST will enhance the creamy texture of the skin, giving a glow to the surrounding area and reflect the sparkle in the eyes.

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