Exclusive Luminosity Jewellery: Inspired by Sunsets & Skylines

Holidays, breathtaking sunsets and dream-like getaways were the motivations behind Gemondo’s exclusive Luminosity jewellery collection. Just as the burning sun rises and sets with pastel colours, the Luminosity collection was designed to glow and glisten with specially faceted gemstone beauty.

Luminosity jewellery

The play of light dances on these translucent gems as they move. Light amethyst, blue topaz and green mint quartz gemstones with their flashes of colour and wonderful clarity have been set in geometric shapes of 9ct yellow gold to give a sleek and sophisticated look that reflects the beauty of nature’s most stunning skyscapes.

Luminosity rings

Amethyst has been said by some to represent piety and calm, blue topaz to emulate warmth and beauty and finally quartz as a symbol for cleansing and well-being.

Luminosity bracelet

Get the glow and discover Gemondo’s exclusive Luminosity collection with a range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can also get 20% off all Luminosity jewellery until 18th April 2016, just click here to visit Gemondo.

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