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Gemstones are abundant in different shades, textures and stories. In a world where diamonds and rubies are king, we thought we would take a moment to focus on some semi-precious gems that hold a higher opacity than translucent stones, boast unique style and display beautiful colours. Semi-precious gemstones look stunning in sterling silver and with their appearance and affordability, one can afford to go bigger (because bigger is always better!)

Statement semi-precious rings


Jade is the cloudy green gemstone thought by many to bring luck and ausperity to the wearer. It can be categorised as one of two types of stone, jadeite and nephrite. Popular around the world, it is often carved into ornate statues and ceremonial sculptures. Jade can be found in many colours, verging from pale greens and milky blues to lavender and pastel pinks but green is by far its most popular variety.


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Hailing from the chalcedony family, agate comes in many colours and forms. Agate is a hard gemstone with a glossy and opaque finish. The many kinds of agate gemstones all lend themselves to cabochon cuts and statement jewellery pieces. Some agate is banded, with linear patterns running through the stone caused by their volcanic upbringing. Blue lace agate displays these lines beautifully in white, grey and pastel blue colours. In the past, some may have believed agate stones to help with sleep problems and to aid the wearer in sensible decision making.

Blue lace agate jewellery

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One of the most popular semi-precious opaque gemstones in our collections is the beautiful blue turquoise. The vibrant colours and texturising veins within the stone may be the reasons behind its admiration. Along with tanzanite, turquoise is a December birthstone and is also used to celebrate 11th wedding anniversaries. Turquoise has proven its fashionable prowess, being spotted in trend-led collections and on catwalks, layered up at festivals and in holiday edits. Popular with lovers and collectors of its variant types and styles, turquoise is the kind of gem everyone should hold in their jewellery arsenal.

Turquoise jewellery

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the cobalt blue gemstone speckled with marks of sparkling pyrite. Its outstanding beauty is the reason for its use as a paint colourant in classic artworks and also in sculptures, statues and carvings embedded in historical buildings. Lapis lazuli has also been found in ancient Egyptian burial sites set into beautiful talismans and artifacts.

Lapis lazuli jewellery

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A newcomer to Gemondo, howlite has been big in 2016, complimenting the marbled aesthetic seen in fashion, interiors and beauty styles. Howlite gemstones flaunt a monochrome appearance with grey veins running through their chic white exterior. Although factually unfounded, many have believed howlite had the ability to calm waves of anger by consuming the negative energy of others.

Howlite jewellery

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We can’t get enough of deep dark black onyx, the gemstone that really does go with everything. Chic and discerning, onyx has been thought to dispel negative emotion and encourage intelligence and confidence. Gemondo onyx jewellery is usually set with marcasite gemstones that compliment its gothic, somewhat vintage-inspired edge in Art Deco and Art Nouveau inspired styles.

Black onyx jewellery

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Do you have a favourite semi-precious gemstone that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments and we can feature next time đŸ™‚

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