Blue Topaz Gemstone

Blue was once amongst the rarest colour to be seen in Topaz gemstone. Today, however, gem experts are able to turn the colourless variety into an array of blues through treatments. The teqnique they use is similar to that which naturally occurs in several areas of Brazil, where Blue Topaz has been discovered naturally. There are three stunning Blue Topaz gemstone colours; Sky Blue, London Blue and Swiss Blue.

London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz is generally the darkest shade of the Blue Topaz and is incredibly striking, with a colour reminiscent to the deeper areas of the mediterranean sea.

Swiss Blue

This name is given to Blue Topaz which are lighter than London Blue but darker than Sky Blue Topaz.

Sky Blue Topaz

This is the lightest variety of Blue Topaz and when they have great clarity can look similar to Aquamarine.

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