Back in Black: Dark Gems in Gothic Trends

Sometimes the feeling of the day is all extrovert with ostentatious colourful print combinations. Other days the outfit, and the outlook, is simply black and white. For those days when your palette is chic and simple monochrome, black is the go-to shade that will go with everything. We love black gemstones, just perfect to accessorise those dark days.


Our black gemstone jewellery might seem gloomy, but actually seems fitting to dispel bad vibes. Black onyx is a type of agate gemstone that has been thought to banish negativity and encourage confidence. Black spinel has been thought to calm the wearer, pacifying anger and distress. These gemstones also really lend themselves to Victorian and Art Deco aesthetics, adding to the gothic trend that is forever popping up on catwalks and transcending high street fashion norms.

Here are a few of our favourite black gemstone jewellery pieces.

Sterling-silver-art-deco-120ct-black-spinel-marcasite-ring 0067613_sterling-silver-art-deco-black-onyx-marcasite-statement-ring

Black spinel & marcasite Art Deco style ring, £19

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style ring, £45

Sterling silver black onyx art nouveau style ring 0056808_sterling-silver-030ct-black-onyx-marcasite-art-deco-ring

Black onyx & marcasite Art Nouveau style ring, £29

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style ring, £19

Black diamond hoop earrings Art Deco black onyx earrings

Black diamond hoop earrings in white gold, £185

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style earrings, £29

Black onyx and marcasite statement ring Sterling silver black onyx and marcasite circle necklace

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco cocktail ring, £45

Black onyx & marcasite Art Deco style circle necklace, £25

Black gemstone jewellery






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