August Birthstone


This lovely stone, vivid green with a hint of gold, traces its history back to the early 2nd millennium BC. The name PERIDOT comes from the Egyptian meaning, ‘Gem of the Sun’, it is said to bring happiness in marriage, power of eloquent speech and enduring freedom from emotional and physical insecurity. Little wonder that the Egyptians spent enormous amounts of man power in its quest on the shores of the Red Sea.
The mining of the PERIDOT was traditionally done at night, when its rays were said to catch the light of the moon and make it easier to find. During the day it was reputed to become invisible under the rays of the sun.
Romantically Hawaiian natives believe that PERIDOT is the goddess Pele’s tears, and Cleopatra was reputed to have a collection of emeralds which were in fact PERIDOT, and all the finer for it.
This extraordinary gem has created quite a stir recently, when in the 1990’s a huge amount of stones were found 4000 metres up on a mountain pass in Pakistan reawakening interest in collectors the world over.

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