Aquamarine Gemstone Information

Aquamarine Information
Aquamarine is one of the worlds most popular and well known gemstones. Often found with great clarity in a light yet energetic blue, Aquamarine is a real favourite of many gem gollectors and ina world that’s becoming more and more polluted, Aquamarine offers us all a breath of fresh air.

It’s name is derived from the latin “aqua” for water and “mare” for sea, and many superstitions and legends regarding the sea have been attached to the gem for many years. Believed to be the treasure of mermaids, the gem is said to be especially strong when submersed in water. When its powers seem to be dwindling, to recharge and clense the gem many would place the gem in water on the night of a full moon.

Aquamarine 9ct yellow gold gemstone pendant

Aquamarine is believed to both sooth and prolonge relationships, and for this reason is often given as an anniversary gift way before its official listing on ones 19th anniversary. For those frightened of flying or spider, wearing Aquamarine is said to suppress one’s phobias.

Aquamarine and Marcasite drop earrings

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