April Birthstone


This is the king of stones; the hardest of all of the gems, its strength is four times that of its nearest rival, the SAPPHIRE.
The purest DIAMONDS are colourless, and are found in a type of rock called Kimberlite which is found at the very core of a volcano. The hard stone is mined, stones are crushed between giant rollers and the diamonds are found amongst the gravel unharmed. Diamond mines are found in South Africa, and Russia, and also in the USA.
DIAMONDS are so beautiful and so desirable they have inspired many stories of romance and intrigue, power and greed. Early Hindu’s finding diamonds left on the surface after heavy storms believed they came from the Gods in bolts of lightening. Since then there have been many famous DIAMONDS, which seem to take on a life and history of their own. Amongst the some of the most documented was the wonderful stone given by Richard Burton to his wife Elizabeth Taylor in 1969. Known as the Taylor-Burton diamond it was bought for $1000, 000 and originally in its uncut form weighed 240.80 carats. After being cut it was fashioned into the central piece of a necklace, and worn for the first time in public by Miss Taylor at the 40th birthday party of Princess Grace of Monaco.
Later, on her divorce, Elizabeth Taylor sold the stone for $5000, 000, which she used to build a hospital in Botswana.
Traditionally the diamond is given on an engagement, but it can also be used in industry, its unique hardness making it the ideal tool.

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