Kate Middletons Engagement Ring Replicas

Catherine Middleton, Alos refered to as Kate Middleton is now the fiance of Prince William – Diana, Princess of Wales eldest son. They announced their engagement on 16th November 2010 and intend on marrying in 2011.

They have been an item since they met at the University of Saint Andrews in 2001 and were shortly after offical. In 2007 they split but reunited quite quickly after.

When Prince William proposed he did so with his mothers beautiful and treasured engagement ring. The ring itself is an Oval cut blue Sapphire accented with 14 Diamonds and is said to be worth £250,000. When Princess Diana chose this ring it was bearing a £30,000 price tag so you can see the significant rise in value of this precious ring.

This ring not only symbolises the next stage of Prince William and Kate Middletons relationship but this is a national treasure as it was worn by one of the most memorable woman in our lifetime.

Kate Middleton was told by Prince William that she had better not loose the ring…. We hope she doesn’t thats a large bill to pay off but were sure they have the finest insurance.

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