Year of the Snake: The Inspiration behind Gemondo’s Latest Jewellery Collection

At Gemondo, our jewellery designers like to take inspiration from their surrounds – both culturally and environmentally. This year is no exception, with the year of the snake serving as the latest insight into our new collection.

Gemondo Debuts New Snake Collection

Portraying the best characteristics of one of the world’s most beautiful, albeit dangerous, species; the debut of our exclusive, and might I say gorgeous, serpent jewellery is the highlight of our spring range. Featuring rubies, sapphires and diamonds set in white and yellow gold rings and pendants, these exquisite pieces are undeniably popular.

A concept that has gained traction amongst internationally famous jewellers, the year of the snake is quickly gaining a dedicated bounty of sparkling jewels in its wake. So although snakes are not something that the general populace enjoy thinking about, they’re bound to reconsider when it comes to our exquisite serpent jewellery collection

Here are the Highlights of the Gemondo Snake Collection:

9ct White Gold Gemstone Snake Ring

A ring that has the skin of the snake intricately patterned into the white gold, this is one of my personal favourites from the Gemondo snake collection! A simply stunning design, the ring is set with a pear cut faceted blue sapphire gemstone (for Aries zodiacs) on the head of the snake, as well as sparkly white diamonds for the eyes.

9ct Yellow Gold Gemstone Pendant

Highlighting the lithe form of the snake, this stunning pendant is made from 9ct yellow gold and features twelve round-cut blood red ruby gemstones that are offset with sparkling white diamonds. A recommended purchase if you’re looking for a statement piece, featuring July’s birthstone, to add to your jewellery box, this pendant comes with a matching 18” 9ct yellow gold chain. Free UK shipping included!

Shop the Trend

Followers of the Zodiac will be able to celebrate this mysterious reptile to their hearts content with the burgeoning trend of serpentine accessories. For those who aren’t too concerned with astrology and celestial signs, there is still plenty to admire about the twisting shapes, dazzling colours and textures associated with this fashion development.

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