Wedding & Engagement Jewellery Ideas To Suit Your Special Day

As the most recent in a spell of this year’s celebrity betrothed, Pippa Middleton has been seen flaunting her extravagant Art Deco diamond engagement ring in celebration of her union with fiancé James Matthews. Every time our Twitter feed fills with these gorgeous gems from the most romantic gestures, we feel the need to talk weddings!

Diamond eternity rings

Diamond eternity rings in 9ct rose gold and white gold.

So this week, we’re taking a look at wedding and bridal jewellery. We couldn’t start any other way than the piece of jewellery that kicks off the celebrations, the engagement ring. Engagement rings are tokens of love offered in proposals of marriage, usually presented on one knee to the surprise of the receiver. In the UK, it is tradition to wear engagement rings on the ‘ring finger’ or third finger on the left hand which was once believed to be the place where a vein was connected to the heart. Rings, being circular in shape, are symbolic of forever, with no beginning and no end. Engagement rings are often decorated with gemstones and diamonds, each with different meanings, colours and designs to fit the tastes of the wearer. Various trends in wedding and engagement rings come and go throughout the ages, but in recent times diamonds have been centre stage due to their striking beauty and incomparable strength. Rose gold and yellow gold metals are becoming more popular, with more discerning wearers looking for alternatives to the popular white metals such as white gold and platinum. Let us introduce a few of our favourites. Would you like to wear one of these gorgeous rings?

Halo diamond ring

18ct white gold diamond cluster halo ring, £785

Trilogy style diamond ring

18ct white gold trilogy style diamond cluster ring, £519

Solitaire style diamond ring

18ct white gold solitaire style diamond cluster ring, £369

Half eternity diamond ring

18ct white gold half eternity diamond ring, £499

In the 1920s, apparently the slang for engagement rings was ‘handcuffs.’ We’ll leave that colloquialism in the past, but we will certainly take inspiration from the fashions of the era. If like Scarlett Johansson and Pippa Middleton, you love Art Deco styles, why not follow the Art Deco inspired wedding trend. Whilst the likes of big celebrity engagement rings may be well out of budget, there are other ways to work the 1920s trend into your special day without spending all your clams. Here are a few Art Deco inspired jewellery pieces that will look the ‘Bees Knees’ on brides and bridesmaids alike.

Art Deco inspired opal jewellery set

Art Deco inspired opal and marcasite jewellery set in sterling silver, £70

Art Deco pearl and marcasite fan necklace

Art Deco inspired pearl and marcasite fan necklace, £15

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite drop earrings

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite drop earrings in sterling silver, £49

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite necklace

Art Deco inspired mother of pearl and marcasite necklace in sterling silver, £29

Another timeless style for wedding jewellery is pearls. Strung or single white pearl jewellery is a beautifully iridescent match to the classic wedding dress. Pearls are also thought by some to represent purity and are often gifted to loved ones on 30th wedding anniversaries. Browse a few of our favourites in affordable freshwater pearl jewellery below, including Lily of the Valley designs based on the stunning flowers chosen for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Lily of the Valley pearl bracelet

Lily of the Valley pearl bracelet in sterling silver, £19

Lily of the Valley pearl earrings

Lily of the Valley pearl drop earrings in sterling silver, £29

Pearl stud earrings

Pearl stud earrings in gold plated sterling silver, £12.95

Pearl necklace

Triple pearl necklace in gold plated sterling silver, £29

Pearl and marcasite stud earrings

Pearl and marcasite flower stud earrings in sterling silver, £15

Some of our customers have told us that they have chosen colourful gemstone jewellery to wear on their wedding day or even to accessories their bridesmaids, in keeping with their colour scheme and offering as a keepsake wedding favour. Sapphire, aquamarine and blue topaz gemstones are great ideas for that ‘something blue.’

Gemstone stud earrings

You can browse our full range of gemstones by colour here.

We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for accessorising the big day so please share your wedding wisdom in the comments. Also, browse our wedding board on Pinterest for a bit of everything we are loving in the wedding world.

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