Summer’s Fade Makes Way For Cool Blue Gems

September might be the month of the regal sapphire, but we are seeing all sorts of blue gems hit the spotlight as summer makes way for cooler winter shades.

This month, our focus steers towards blue gemstones that might be a little less well know than that precious blue birthstone that is so loved for its regal connotations (we’re looking at your famous engagement ring Kate Middleton!). Cobalt and royal blue shades are set as one of the key trends for AW14 with designs from Chloe to Topshop strutting the catwalks this year. The trend hasn’t only permeated into jewellery. Blue is making its way into statement make-up with lipstick brights sported by celebs Rihanna, Ke$ha and Solange Knowles.

To follow this trend, we’d like to showcase a few of our bright and beautiful blue gems from the extremely popular and well known to the rarer but no less magnificent.

Blue gemstone jewellery pieces from Gemondo

New To Site: Iolite & Lapis Lazuli

Iolite is an intensely pleochroic gem, meaning it can appear to change colour as you change the angle with which you are viewing it. The vikings were said to have used iolite as a traditional compass as it would change colour with direction. With colours ranging from violet to translucent blue, iolite is truly a wonder to behold, not just a stylish way to help you find your way home!
Iolite jewellery set

Lapis Lazuli is a golden flecked blue gemstone used for centuries in jewellery and was also ground up for use in dyes and paints. We are seeing this semi-precious gem in more and more laid back summer styles from many up and coming jewellery designers. Relatively new to Gemondo, our lapis lazuli range has been designed with an aesthetic to bring to life those late summer holidays and warm autumn evenings.

Lapis lazuli rings

September’s Birthstone Sapphire

Undoubtedly this month’s favourite gemstone, sapphire is one of few gems that is hailed as truly precious. Loved for its rarity, durability and beauty, the sapphire is one of our faves as well as our customers’. Gemondo brings rare pink sapphire to the table, offering all gemstone lovers something a little exotic.

Sapphire eternity rings

Sticking with the seasons colour palette, these blue gems are the perfect partner to an ensemble peppered with striking cobalt and nautical navy accessories. Discover Gemondo’s genuine sapphire jewellery, iolite jewellery and lapis lazuli jewellery in gold, sterling silver and gold plate. Visit Gemondo’s selection of blue gemstone jewellery for even more blue goodness including blue jade, topaz, tanzanite and turquoise.

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