Summer Colours Lead By Serene Green

At Gemondo we tend to count the months of the year by birthstones, so when we get round to August we know that we’ve hit peridot season with a post-summer reflection of how quickly the year has passed already and the rain has set in. This year *thankfully* the sun seems to be sticking around so there are all sorts of reasons to keep on flaunting those warm golden summer jewellery pieces inspired by nature, boho style, festivals, Ibiza, holidays, the list goes on…

August’s birthstone peridot is a gorgeous summer gemstone as it reflects that most earthly of colours, bright green. Peridot has even been found beyond the Earth with deposits found in intergalactic materials like asteroids. Thought to represent the delicacy and inherent beauty of life, peridot is not just for those who appreciate its clarity and colour but also its ability to vitalise the look of the wearer. To learn more about the gemstone peridot visit our gemstone information page.

August Birthstone Peridot Jewellery from Gemondo

Flying the green gemstone flag across the world wide web, this summer Gemondo brings you our new semi-precious green chalcedony jewellery. If you haven’t had a peek yet, visit our green chalcedony jewellery. We are really excited about this collection as the stones are truly stunning and rarely seen in such beautiful shades. Thick opaque forest green stones fashioned en cabochon and in checkerboard cuts, encircled with complimentary green jade, sparkling diamonds and topaz.

Chalcedony jewellery from Gemondo

Peridot is better suited to dainty pieces that bring subtle charm especially when matched with complimentary stones like diamond, tzavrorite, jade and citrine. Chalcedony has the ability to pack more of a statement-look punch, with larger stones and designs in gold plated sterling silver turning heads.

Whatever your summer style tips, be sure to add a colour pop of green to your treasure trove.

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