September’s Elegant Sapphire Shows Its Strength

The Sapphire Stone
Sapphire is a type of corundum, a transparent mineral that produces colour when impurities occur in formation. It is famed for its beauty but also practical properties of resilience, strength and cutting ability. As such, synthetic sapphire reproductions have been used in scratch resistant windows and supermarket barcode scanners!

Gemondo’s Sapphires
Sapphires can only be sourced from select parts of the world. Gemondo’s agents have travelled to exotic climes to find the most beautiful natural sapphires for our jewellery. Each location is renowned for a sapphire speciality and colour. For example, Sri Lanka (the apparent source of the Royal Ceylon sapphire) provides the light blue, red and pink cabochon and faceted stones. Untreated high-lustre yellow-orange Songea sapphires originate from Tanzania and deep dark-blue coloured sapphires are bartered for amongst the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s historic Chanthaburi gemstone market.

Royal Jewels and Claims to Fame
One of the sapphires most elaborate claims to fame is the royal engagement ring, once adorned by Princess Diana and passed down to the fair hand of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. This is both a design and stone much loved by the public for its longstanding relationship with the British monarchy.
Other followers of the engagement sapphire suit include Penelope Cruz with a vintage blue sapphire and diamond ring and Nicole Richie with a luscious cushion-cut pink sapphire ring.

The sapphire is not only a firm favourite with us Brits. Many historical figures have made known their admiration for the wonderous gemstone and its potential healing and protecting abilities as well as its romantic allure. Helen of Troy, famed for her lure and beauty, was said to have owned a large star sapphire to symbolise her attraction. King Solomon also apparently enticed the Queen of Sheba’s affections by harnessing the seductive power of the stone.

September’s Birthstone
Not only is natural sapphire coveted for its rarity and strength, it is also symbolically celebrated as the birthstone for all those born in September. September baby celebrities include Beyonce (So Blue isn’t just her favourite baby name), Catherine Zeta Jones, Fearne Cotton and Billie Piper. The zodiac sign Taurus shares sapphire as its gemstone too. Taurus signs are said to be artistic creatures, typically associated with indulgence, rich material goods and physical pleasure – no wonder they favour sapphires! Sapphire is also the gemstone used to celebrate 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries (If you have reached these milestones recently – congratulations!).

How to Wear
Sapphire’s rich and regal connotations lend themselves to a conservative look albeit with a sharp, fashion-concious edge. Matching classic cluster styles will add class to the simplest of dresses and blouses. Our edit exudes timeless elegance. Think simple midi dresses, court heels and envelope clutches that allow the jewellery to really sparkle as the star of the show. At Gemondo you can find classic styles to suit all budgets, giving you an excuse to dress up or down as you please.

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