Pearls of Wisdom for your Summer Wardrobe

The pearl is having a moment in the spotlight, and not just because it’s the birthstone for the month of June. If you’ve been following the Gemondo blog you’ll already know how much we’re loving the 1920’s trend, which has brought plenty of gorgeous vintage-inspired pieces back into fashion. Feathers, fringes and flapper dresses are all en vogue right now, and of course no self-respecting Jazz Age fashionista would leave the house with out her pearls.

Whether you prefer natural or synthetic, classic or colourful, pearls are the perfect accessory to add to your spring and summer wardrobe this season.

String them Along

Shimmering strings of pearls 90cm or even longer were one of the 20’s flapper’s “must-have” accessories, and they’re back in a big way. Dress up your daywear at the office or add some vintage glam to your eveningwear; try the look with one long, delicate string of pearls, or layer several shorter necklaces with pearls of various sizes. You can even wind them around your wrists and turn them into elegant wraparound bracelets like The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan. Classic white is always a great choice, but you can add some colour with rose or champagne shares as well. For something a little more subtle, accessorise with a pair of pearl-studded earrings, or a silver ring set with pearls and other vintage-era gemstones.

Wear them Your Way

Over the years we’ve seen classic beauties like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton looking perfectly polished in their pearl accessories, and they’re a firm favourite with first lady Michelle Obama – but these days, pearls aren’t just reserved for princesses and presidential campaigns. From Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway to Rihanna and her former BFF Katy Perry, starlets and divas everywhere are switching from diamonds to pearls, which means the rest of us have endless inspiration to draw on. Get creative and find a new way to wear these old favourites.

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