October’s Iridescent Opal

Opal has long been admired for its iridescent and kaleidoscopic qualities, shining through so many colours in any one solitary stone. It’s beautiful and unique sheen has been compared to that of burning fire and oil.

Opal’s History

Throughout the ages, opal has been recognised as a rather special stone. Arabic legend has it that opal shot from the skies down to earth in lightening bolts. Ancient Greeks believed the stone would protect the wearers from any ailments and gave them foresight into the future. Other beliefs surrounding the stone include the ability to maintain life and longevity and last but not least…the ability to keep hair beautifully blonde!

Opal’s Famous Following

Celebrities old and new have been showcasing opal jewellery. It’s not a surprise to hear that Elizabeth Taylor would source opals for her mother who was a huge fan, but if Elvis Presley adorned a large opal pinky ring in his Las Vegas days – well that’s rock n’ roll enough for us. Andy Warhol was an avid collector of the colourful stones and even revelled in exhibiting close up images of them in the seventies. Even the queen herself has opal in her much coveted jewellery box, a gift from her first trip to Australia.

Gemondo’s Opal

Our opal is sourced from mines in Australia, Brazil and Mexico – each famed for different stone compositions. At Gemondo, we pride ourselves on our gemstone expertise and our ability to bring you the finest stones for the lowest prices. From triplet and fire opals to honey and cloudy opal, browse our vast selection to find the right stone for you whether you are an October baby, a Libra, a Scorpio or if opal is simply on your fashion lust list!

How to Wear Opal

As opal is so truly eyecatching, it should be laid against a dark background – so it’s time to celebrate those classic little black dresses once again ladies! Smaller trinket pieces are enough to make a statement without overdoing it. We prefer sweet little studs with matching pendants that set off the eyes. Less is definitely more where this stone is concerned…

Any pictures really cannot do this beautiful gem any justice, they really have to be seen to be believed. Shop opal here.

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