November’s Birthstone Topaz Puts The Heat On!

In the winter months when getting out of bed is a little harder, any way to inject a little heat into the situation is more than welcome. Don’t be deceived by the cool colours of our deep blue topaz jewellery, this stone is hot hot hot!

Topaz History and Lore

The name topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for heat – “tapas” and is also connected to the Greek island formally named “Topazios” from which a yellow stone (now known to be more of an olivine stone than a natural topaz) used to be mined. Topaz is allochromatic, meaning imperfections and impurities in their structure are the cause of their many respective colours. Topaz has been known to emerge in a colour scale of pinks, reds, purples to yellows and browns depending on these impurities and chromium levels.

Topaz was thought to enhance beauty, give its wearer longevity in life and reinforce them with physical strength. The ancient Greeks even believed that topaz had the ability to make the wearer invisible – if only…that would be perfect for those days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed!

Topaz Colours

Our beautiful topaz is heat treated to give it its vivid blue colour. Many might be surprised to know that it is extremely rare to find topaz that is blue when mined. Topaz can also be coated to give it a range of colour ways, one example being mystic topaz, which is coated with a colour changing camera film-like colour that makes it look truly unique and unusual.

November’s Birthstone

Topaz is symbolic of November birthdays, a fitting gemstone to adorn in the winter months. It is also used to celebrate 4th and 23rd wedding anniversaries, both reflecting its traits rooted in youth, long-life and strength. What better way to commemorate those special moments than adding a few sprinkles of diamonds to these meaningful gems.

New to Gemondo – Our Topaz Selection

This November we have added new lines to our topaz selection, including some very affordable fashion pieces set in sterling silver. For those that cannot bear to be without gold and diamonds, fear not for we have new designs with these too…

1.9ct White Gold Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond Classic Drop Earrings – £89 Shop now
2. 9ct Yellow Gold 0.80ct Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond Pear Pendant on Chain – £89 Shop now
3. Sterling Silver Natural Blue Topaz Classic Floral Style Cluster Ring – £25 Shop now
4. White 9ct Gold 2.00ct Oval Cut Mystic Topaz Classic Single Stone Ring – £149 Shop now
5. 9ct Yellow Gold Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond Patterned Five Stone Ring – £135 Shop now
6. Sterling Silver Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond Cluster Ring – £25 Shop now

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