New Pastel Jewellery

With spring now in full swing, this season’s shades take cues from marshmallows, unicorns, kawaii style, flowers and all things brightly soft-hued. This month we welcomed beautiful pastels into our flourishing collection of colourful gems. Inspired by the inherent beauty of nature, Gemondo’s new pastel collection emulates the aesthetics of the floral genus each design has been named after. Featuring a range of semi-precious milky blue jade, spearmint amazonite, crisp green chrysoprase, lavender jade and rose quartz, each piece is encircled in fine 9ct rose gold and yellow gold plated 925 sterling silver. Choose from Calo, Vita, Fuchsia, Tweedia, Irida, Tara and Gala pastel designs, each with their own romantic origins from just £19.


Inspired by the floral genus Calotropis or ‘crown flower’ native to Asia.


calo pastel jewellery


With a name derived from the floral genus Taraxacum, the humble rounded dandelion, Tara designs are inspired by the seeds of the dandelion that gracefully flow with the wind.

tara pastel jewellery


Inspired by the grapevine that meanders and entwines, Vita designs wind around each cabochon gemstone.

vita pastel jewellery

Vita chrysoprase pastel jewellery


These bijou Tweedia designs are influenced by the delicate petals from the South American flower of the same name.
tweedia pastel jewellery

Tweedia bracelets


Derived from the Greek for ‘milk flower’ Gala pastel jewellery pieces are inspired by the petals of the beautiful snowdrop.

gala pastel jewellery


An homage to the graceful pinks and purples of the fuchsia. These colours are replicated in amethyst and rose quartz on this long pendant design.

fuchsia pastel necklace

Fuchsia pastel jewellery


Inspired by the beautifully ordered irregularity of the Iris flower, Irida flaunts a hammered motif encasing a smooth cabochon gemstone.

irida pastel jewellery


Named after the flower flaunting petals edged with delicate ruffles, the European native Dianthus genus is the muse for this unique ‘Diantha’ pastel jewellery design.

diantha pastel jewellery

diantha pastel jewellery

We can’t get enough of these luscious and lacquered beauts as they are just perfect for summer layering. See how we styled a few key pieces here

Gemondo's New Pastel Collection

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