March’s Aquamarine Sparkles With Ice-Like Clarity

Aquamarine Jewellery from Gemondo

About Aquamarine

Much adored for its ice-like clarity and sea blue hues, aquamarine is a gemstone that requires little introduction. As the stone has very few inclusions visible to the naked eye, smaller stones fit jewellery perfectly and larger stones with more visible imperfections are used for smooth cabochon cuts and ornate gemstone carvings.

Aquamarine is from the beryl stone family. Allochromatic in nature it has a significant metal content, iron to be exact, that is responsible for tinting it with a vivid blue translucency.
Derived from the Latin ‘Aqua’ meaning water and ‘mare’ meaning sea, aquamarine has a longstanding relationship with the life force that is water. Historically, sailors were said to carry aquamarine on their vessels to stave off peril at sea.

Celebrities Love Aquamarine

Aquamarine gems have been spotted on the stars both on gorgeous statement cocktail rings and more sentimental wedding and engagement rings gifted from their betroved. Angelina Jolie, a fan of many coloured gems as seen on red carpets the world over, has been seen adorning a green-blue faceted rectangular aquamarine cocktail ring. Justin Timberlake also hand picked a stunning cushion cut aquamarine and diamond engagement ring to match his bride to be Jessica Biel.

How to Wear Aquamarine

As the aquamarine gemstone has beautiful clarity it is extremely versatile and shimmers brilliantly. Its vivid blue tinges mean that the stone can be set in white gold for an an ice-cool appearance or set against vibrant yellow gold for more of a colour clash. Diamond accents also act as the perfect compliment for aquamarine, given their natural clarity and shine.

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