Love Stoned on Valentine’s Day

We welcome this, our nation’s day of celebrating all things L-O-V-E. Whether you and your partner are unabashedly serenading each other with renditions of ‘Endless Love’ or you are half of those ‘less is more’ conservative couples, one thing is for certain – jewellery is THE timeless Valentine’s gift.

Sentimentally gorgeous, jewellery is famous for both enticing love interests and celebrating years of commitment shared between kindred spirits. Here is a rundown of our most heart warming jewellery titbits we could find that will have you gushing, whether you love/hate all that mushy stuff…

• In the Western world, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with red and pink. This day in Japan used to be translated as ‘Answer Love on White Day’ as this is the colour of innocent love, purity and… sugar?! It was common that chocolate would be given, but nowadays jewellery, accessories and alike have taken over.

• Centuries ago Valentine’s Day was a time for exchanging love letters. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that other gifts such as diamonds became commonplace.

• Far from popular opinion, most marriage proposals are offered on Christmas Eve not Valentine’s Day.

• Hearts are not the only symbol of Valentine’s Day. Knots are often used to symbolise strong and endless bonds. In times gone by, knots would be tied on or etched into love letters.

Sterling silver ribbon knot ring, £19 & sterling silver ribbon knot pendant, £19.

• Ever wondered what will earn you boys the most brownie points on Valentine’s Day? According to research conducted by AskMen, jewellery (you guessed it!) is the most coveted of all Valentine’s gifts for women.

• Whirlwind romances famed for breaking the taboos of conventional society have often been surrounded with jewellery. The jewellery collections of Elizabeth Taylor and Wallis Simpson are synonymous with opulence, self-indulgence and (above all) striking gems.

• The saying “wear your heart on your sleeve” is thought to originiate from the middle ages, when knights would tie a piece of their lady’s cloth to their arm before a joust. This tradition is far more romantic than what we were assuming… well what girl wouldn’t love a dainty new bracelet for Valentine’s Day?

For the occasion, Gemondo have curated a selection of all things love-inspired. Browse our hearts and love gemstone jewellery for all those romantic gestures all in one place. Find beautiful and intricate designs laden with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pink sapphires that were known to and continue to represent love, strength, life, commitment and union.

Emeralds have long been associated with fertility, luck and love whereas diamonds are celebrated for their great strength signifying commitment and longevity. Rubies and pink sapphires are strongly linked to passion and romance. To find out more about each of the gemstones love fuelled connotations, simply browse the Gemondo site for our educational pages. From luxury stones set in gold to dainty silver designs, say it with gemstones.

1. 9ct yellow gold 0.29ct pink sapphire and diamond floral heart pendant, £115
2. 9ct yellow gold 0.75ct emerald classic pear stud earrings , £69
3. 9ct yellow gold 0.27ct natural emerald and diamond half eternity band ring, £89
4. 9ct yellow gold ruby and diamond necklet, £116
5. 9ct white gold 0.56ct natural ruby & diamond ring, £159
6. 18ct white gold full cut diamond heart pendant , £589
7. 9ct yellow gold 0.20ct full cut diamond heart stud earrings, £239
8. 9ct yellow gold 0.88ct ruby heart charm bracelet, £235

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