June’s Birthstone Pearls Are A Fashion Favourite

All About Pearls

Unlike other gemstones more commonly mined from the earth, pearls are spherical calcium carbonate based gems grown inside oysters and as such are named ‘organic gemstones.’ Pearls are an exquisite reminder of nature’s inherent beauty, in particular that which is drawn from the sea. No two natural pearls will ever be the same and so much care and attention is taken in jewellery design. As Federico Fellini famously said:

All art is biographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.

To match size in strings of pearls and select more deviant shapes and colours for singular pieces is a real skill.

The orb-like shape and pale iridescence of pearls have made them synonymous with the moon. In some cultures it was said that pearls were ‘teardrops of the moon’ fallen from rain and placed in the heart of an oyster.

Pearls are the birthstone for June and have also accumulated a reputation for purity and innocence, often associated with weddings and bridal jewellery. Pearls are the birthstone for June and also represent Gemini’s in the zodiac.

Designer Pearls

We have recently seen the resurgence of the classic pearl, with stars like Rihanna adorning Chanel’s signature stone accessories and Katy Perry in Rafael Cennamo’s embellished white pearl gown this year. The popularity of the pearl is now as prevalent as it was when adorned by Coco Chanel herself.

Gemondo pearl jewellery

Gemondo Pearl Jewellery

To avoid any unnecessary damage to the environment, Gemondo pearls are cultured, meaning they are grown sustainably and harvested for use in jewellery. They are still completely natural but do not require intrusion into the earth’s precious resources. Our mother of pearl and cultured pearls come from the far reaches of Australia, China and Japan (where the process of producing cultured pearls was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto), the finest resources in the world. Set in sterling silver and gold designs, our authentic pearl jewellery selection is a favourite of brides to be and classic fashion fans.

Blossom Copenhagen Pearl Earrings

Blossom Copenhagen Jewellery

Blossom Copenhagen is Gemondo’s go to jewellery house for pearl designs. Christina Lihn’s romantic eye for detail means that each design is lovingly handmade with pearls and gemstones with intricate filigree and interwoven sterling silver. She admits to being a ‘true romantic’ creating jewellery ‘for women who love a feminine touch’ making Blossom a wedding favourite for brides-to-be and birthstone staple for June babies. Blossom showcases an array of quirky and dreamy motifs with renowned Danish design and individual expression through optional bracelet and necklace charm combinations.

More Pearl Information…

Discover Gemondo’s range of beutiful cultured white and coloured pearl jewellery or visit the Gemondo information page for more facts about gemstones.

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