January’s Gifted Garnet

A Brief Background…

Garnet is an isomorphic stone, identical in crystal structure but varying in chemical content that is responsible for its occurrence in many colours from the commonly associated red to green, black and purple.

History of the Stone

Many different sources reference garnet’s affinity with femininity with some believing they should only be worn by women. The stone is also said to protect the wearer from nightmares, bring success in business and boost confidence in the wearer.
Garnet’s name finds its roots in the Greek ‘granatus’ meaning pomegranate, representing both the aesthetic qualities of the fruit’s deep red colour and granular shape of the seeds.

How to Wear

Garnet’s intense yet deep and dark colour lends itself to big and bold designs. Be brave when wearing this stone, statement styles will emphasise its natural beauty. Celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale and Miley Cyrus have been papped wearing this rich gem lined with diamonds in statement earrings.

Seeing Red

Garnet is a key colour for spring summer 2014, with designers such as Dolce and Gabbana coveting crimson shades. Rouge shades are also thought to be the most emotional. From passion to rage and all in between, garnet shades certainly convey a fiery personality.

Garnet is celebrated as the symbolic gemstone for second wedding anniversaries, the birthstone for January and the astrological sign Aquarius in the zodiac calendar. Browse Gemondo’s garnet jewellery selection here or see some of our favourite picks below.

Garnet Jewellery from Gemondo

1.9ct yellow gold 0.52ct garnet heart stud earrings, £29
2.9ct yellow gold 0.52ct garnet floral bracelet, £295
3.Sterling silver 0.49ct garnet and marcasite heart ring, £25
4.9ct yellow gold 0.81ct natural garnet classic cluster ring, £89
5.9ct yellow gold 3.00ct Mozambique garnet drop earrings, £75
6.9ct yellow gold tsavorite green garnet five stone ring, £103

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