January Jewel Refresh

The first week of the new year always seems a little dispiriting as 2016’s hangover sets in. Is your body still suffering Christmas holiday withdrawal? As many look to the gym and healthy diets to replenish, we’re far more interested finding solace in the little trinkets that make us smile. We like to greet the new year with refreshed jewels to invigorate fingers, necks and wrists that are have weathered the storm of another bygone year.

Pantone selected ‘greenery’ as its colour for 2017, aptly named for its association with freshness, rebirth and nature. We have collected a few Gemondo jewellery designs below to vitalise your 2017 jewellery game with green gemstones to compliment the colour of the year.


A popular choice in a precious gemstone, emerald is symbolic of rebirth, rejuvenation and nature. These modernistic sterling silver emerald jewellery designs feature bead textured settings that orbit and loop their focal green emeralds.

Emerald jewellery

1. Sterling silver loop emerald drop earrings, £35
2. Sterling silver emerald double loop ring, £45


Peridot is a gemstone that stays true to its roots. It is available in many different hues, from bottle green to forest green and lime green, but only ever green. Matched with complimentary yellow gold, peridot is the verdant star of the show.

Peridot jewellery

3. 9ct yellow gold peridot trillion pendant, £55
4. 9ct yellow gold peridot pear cut stud earrings, £59


Jade is both the name of this semi-precious gemstone and also its familiar and indulgently creamy green colour. Jade’s properties mean it is perfect for carving and fashioning smooth cabochon stones and ornamental pieces. These Gemondo jade jewellery items feature ample decoration to set off the gemstone as the centre of attention with high esteem.

Jade jewellery

5. Sterling silver green jade & marcasite Art Nouveau inspired ring, £29
6. Gold plated sterling silver jade & peridot drop earrings, £49

Hopefully these jewels have got you thinking green and looking forward to a fresh 2017. Happy new year!

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