Having a Moment – Emerald is Back in the Spotlight

A Bit About Emeralds

Emerald is the birthstone for May, a fitting stone for such a month given the symbolism that surrounds it. Bright and vivid green emerald represents new beginnings, life, hope and abundant lush landscapes.

Emerald’s name originates from ‘smaragdus,’ the Greek saying for green. From the beryl family, these gemstones set themselves apart as they are only ever this colour. Emeralds are known to hail from Africa, India and South America, with Columbian emeralds being heralded for their value and beauty. Unlike other gemstones, inclusions (or foreign bodies of liquid, gas or otherwise found inside the gem) can make an emerald truly unique. Colour is what makes an emerald and a vibrant stone with few inclusions will be highly regarded against a flawless yet lacklustre stone.

The dedicated ’emerald cut’ was specialised with the intention of bringing out the best in emerald stones and is now used on all kinds of gemstones from diamonds to sapphires. This cut showcases the gemstone’s table, with a flat rectangular shape and facets along the crown.

In these modern times it can be hard to find time for something so inherently beautiful that is so often overlooked – nature. Used to describe prosperous, fertile lands such as the ‘Emerald Isle’ or ‘Emerald City,’ this gemstone is a reminder of this most perfect and fundamental of things.

Famous Emeralds

Angelina Jolie uses emeralds to clash against her dark, mysterious and smokey exterior. This approach compliments minimal and natural make up with a simple up-do whilst still maintaining that red carpet wow factor. Halle Berry boasts an eccentric emerald engagement ring set in yellow gold and caressed by two lustrous diamonds. Olivia Wilde has also been spotted with a diamond halo engagement ring encircled with gorgeous green emeralds. It is wonderful to see such daring and individual occasion ring styles being adorned and celebrated.

Emeralds have recently been the focus in a revival of coloured gemstone jewellery. Gemfields have based their advertising around ethically produced Zambian emeralds modelled by the stunning Mila Kunis.

Other emeralds making the big time include the striking million pound necklace crafted by Boodles of London on the Channel 4 documentary The Million Pound Necklace: Inside Boodles.


Emeralds are without doubt the epitome of classic glamour in coloured gemstone jewellery. Keep it elegant with these staple emerald and diamond styles that are perfect for those matchy-matchy moments.

classic emerald jewellery set

The bold and bright greens in emeralds also mean they work for more playful styles like these dainty pave emerald stars.

emerald star jewellery

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