Gemstone Gifts For Much-Loved Mums

It’s that time of year again when we look to spoil those wonderful women who gave us life, put up with our teenage tantrums and geared us up for all life’s trials and turbulations. I remember going through my mother’s jewellery box much to her worry (and make-up bag but that’s another story) and being so utterly in awe of all the shiny treasures that she styled with her wardrobe so effortlessly. She wore a lot of black and white so her jewellery really offset this monochromatic style. Whilst I didn’t know it and probably fought it throughout my teens, much of my own style was influenced by the most prominent woman in my life – black is the new everything in my book and I now have a fierce addiction to coloured gems and quirky statement jewellery!

Jewellery has the ability to be so incredibly personal. Some of the most sentimental jewellery pieces I own, whether costume or genuine, are those that have been passed down to me by my mother and grandmother. For this reason, I like the idea of passing back something precious and unique that has significant meaning.

Gemondo’s Mother’s Day gift selection was planned with all kinds of mum in mind. From classic pearls to a more contemporary take on the sapphire in vibrant pink, Gemondo has hand selected all pieces with mums in mind. Pearls are not only a beacon of old-school glamour but also are known for their uniqueness, with every naturally occurring pearl developing into a completely different shape. Pink sapphires, rubies and amethyst are reflective of femininity, wisdom, love and healing – the many traits traditional associated with our dear mums.

See our favourite gift ideas for mum below.

Gift Ideas

1. Sterling Silver Faberge Style Egg Amethyst & Marcasite Necklace, £65
2. 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Kiss Pendant, £75
3. Sterling Silver Marcasite Charm Bracelet, £75
4. Sterling Silver Marcasite Floral Rose Brooch
5. Blossom Copenhagen Black Rhodium Plated Silver Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings, £75
6. Sterling Silver Pink Sapphire Diamond Cluster Style Ring, £79

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