Amour Damier Jewellery

This month we proudly launched our new and exclusive Amour Damier birthstone jewellery collection, showcasing special gemstone cuts and simple, sleek 9ct yellow gold designs.

The name originates from the French term for the specific ‘checkerboard’ cut applied to the birthstones which produces beautiful sparkle through movement. During the design process it was decided that there should be a few opaque gemstone exceptions to the checkerboard design. Pearls have been left in their naturally organic shapes and opals and turquoise stones have been cut en cabochon to ensure a smooth, rounded sheen. This way, the best of each stone is presented.

Amour Damier jewellery

Amour Damier jewellery

All Amour Damier pieces have matching sets of rings, earrings and pendants. We love styling the rings as a stack but sometimes a little precious sapphire or ruby is all you need. How would you wear these beautiful jewellery pieces?

Amour Damier stack rings

Amour Damier stack rings






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