Door Knocker Earrings: Go Big or Go Home

Most of us are feeling the need for some serious bling to add some sparkle to the grey days. Luckily, the latest jewellery trend has sparkle to spare; add a pair of oversized door knocker earrings to your outfit for an instant on-trend mood-lift.

Ear Candy

In recent years, we’ve seen the big-and-beautiful earring trend of the 80s and 90s come back in a big way – with an updated look to suit the 21st Century. They’re one of Rihanna’s favourite accessories – the sultry superstar has been snapped sporting door knocker earrings in a range of styles during her rise to fame, from Swarovski crystal-encrusted hoop designs to massive gold bamboo-style triangles.

Fellow songbird and style sensation Jessie J is also a die-hard door knocker fan; she lists the earrings among her top fashion “must-haves”, alongside her distinctive cropped jackets, printed catsuits and sky-high heels. Cassie Ventura, Kim Kardashian, DEV and Beyonce are just a few more of the famous faces we’ve seen framed by fabulously oversized silver or gold earrings lately.

How to Rock the Look

Door knocker earrings are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, which means there’s a perfect pair somewhere out there to suit you and your signature look. There are a few tricks to pulling off this bold trend; beautifully groomed hair and flawless neutral make-up are a must, and necklaces are a no-no. Remember you want these beauties to draw attention to your face and neck, so the rest of your ensemble should compliment the earrings rather than competing with them.

Door knocker earrings do tend to be on the heavy side, so be sure to choose a design that’s wearable and won’t make your earlobes look “stretched” – that could ruin your whole look.

Shop around for the perfect pair of gold or silver earrings and have fun with this retro-inspired jewellery trend!

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